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Traveler HelpDesk Customer Feedback and Survey

Here at Traveler HelpDesk, we take pride in our commitment to providing exceptional customer service. As a result, our clients provide us with compliments every day. Below is a list of some of the client compliments we've received recently.

  • Karen Mannix
    January 30, 2017

    Hi John,

    Thank you so much for all your help. Your patience and kindness in finding the best ticket for my travels made me feel confident we made the best decision. Your caring and professional attitude is very rare these days.

    Good luck to you, Karen Mannix

  • Lawrence Labruzzo
    January 30, 2017

    To Mikes boss,

    Mike helped me book a flight for me and a friend. I haven't flown in 15 years, so I didn't know my way around.

    Mike was very patient with me, he was polite and kind. What also impressed me was his knowledge, professionalism and efficiency. I wish everyone
    I did business with was more like Mike.

    If he lived in Arizona I would have bought him breakfast. Since he isn't here maybe you should give him a raise, he deserves it.

    Any questions: Lawrence LaBruzzo

  • Patricia
    January 30, 2017

    Patricia states that Claire is very helpful during the call. Customer was very emotional as she had made a reservation with different agency initially and was in trouble due to numerous charges on card. She dont want to do business with them and was looking for a better deal.Claire was very clam and listened to her problems and provided a booking with very cheap fare. She is very compassionate in her work and helped a lot.

  • L.D.Hayes
    January 29, 2017

    this is L.D.Hayes Sid,

    thank you so very much for your professional and accurate help in selecting for me and my son the very times and cost i have been searching for,for 3 days. You are a true professional and i wish for your superiors to know what a fine employee and asset you are. This family reunion is now a go thanks to you. You are a true credit to your company.

    Respectfully L.D.Hayes
    thank you

  • Virginia Vincenzini
    January 27, 2017

    Hello Davin,

    Thank you so much for your help! Your assistance yesterday in providing me with my e ticket and seat assignments was very helpful and I appreciate your extensive knowledge!

    Virginia Vincenzini

  • Antoaneta Dragomir
    January 27, 2017

    Hi , my name is Antoaneta Dragomir.

    I must say that Adam assisted me very well and answered to any of my questions on an elegant and proper manner. Thank you Adam ☺ and have a wonderful day .

  • Alexandra Kotlyar
    January 27, 2017

    The representative, Love, was extremely courteous and helpful. All of my issues were resolved in a timely and professional manner. I am extremely pleased with the service and the outcome. Thank you very much!

    Alexandra Kotlyar

  • Agnes Sendi
    January 27, 2017

    hi there had a question on my connection/lay over time in dubai from boston to entebbe thinking the connection time was too short i called customer service and adam answered the phone and explained it all me. my worry was to miss the plane connecting to entebbe. good associate and looking forward to asking more questions as they come if i there is any need otherwise am good and shall stay with you guys. thanks and looking forward to my flight with you.

  • Tremel, Nichole R.
    January 27, 2017

    Hello Emma,

    Yes, I just received them! I want to thank you again, it has been nothing but a pleasure working with you and look forward to working with you in the future. Have a great weekend!

    Nichole Tremel

  • Teresa Lamb
    January 26, 2017

    Thank you so much Paxton ! you were patient, very kind and made sure I had all the information that I needed! I feel very good about my travel plans and that means a lot, thank you! Teresa Lamb

    January 25, 2017

    Thank you for your service very professional and very helpful look forward to dealing with you in all my future flights

  • George Hecimovic
    January 25, 2017

    Just want to thank your representatives for taking the time to assist us in getting our flights. I am a skeptic when buying anything on line and they made the entire process comfortable and easy to follow, not to mention get us the tickets. Thank you and YES, I will be always using this site moving forward. G19 Thank you"

  • Anna Murdocca
    January 25, 2017

    Your agent "Love" was very helpful, he took his time to explain everything to me in detail. I only wish more people would show the caring for others the way Love does. I hope the next time I need your services, Love is available. Thank you for all your help. A very satisfied customer.

  • Libby mclean
    January 25, 2017

    It was a pleasure working with you. Everything was easily reconciled and much appreciated.

    Liberta McLean

  • James Hightower
    January 24, 2017

    Thank you Adam for your polite coustumer service.. thank you for helping me with my questions and concerns you are very helpful in give you 5 stars... and I will recommend every to your company because of the great service.

  • Jerome Bailey
    January 24, 2017

    To whom it may concern : Adam and Kaylyn provided me with great customer service. I called and spoke with several lines concerning my flight itinerary for my trip to San Juan Puerto Rico they both took the time to answer my questions and my concerns. Keep up the good works and I will be recommended this airline service to friends and relatives.

  • Siara Hughes
    January 23, 2017

    Dear Eduardo,

    Thank you so very much for your customer care. You were very helpful with re-confirming my hotel arrangements for Hotel in Dubai. You handled this excellently and the Best in your Customer Service Department!

    Thanks again and Good Luck with your endeavors in life.

    Siara Hughes

  • Murray I feldman
    January 21, 2017

    I just wanted to tell you that Garin was most helpful for obtaining airline tickets for 5 of us in our family to attend a destination wedding for our grandson in july. He followed up several times.

    Thank you
    Murray I feldman

  • Connie Johnson
    January 20, 2017


    Thank you so much for the awesome service you provided to me this morning regarding my flight tickets for mine and my husbands upcoming vacation. I appreciate your patience and talking the time to go over everything with me until I felt comfortable knowing the time changes and our seats arrangements. We have not flown for a very long time and are a bit nervous about all it. You definitely helped with that and again I thank you!

    Have a great day!!

    Connie Johnson

  • Catherine Mccaig
    January 20, 2017

    I received excellent service from Eduardo while making seat selection over the phone. We were cut off while I was put on hold and he called me back to confirm my booking. Very polite!

  • Ron
    January 20, 2017


    The mark of a great manager is the ability to address and solve problems in a calm and cool manner. You have that ability at a high level.

    Thank you for your professionalism.

    Best wishes, Ron

  • Phyllis Lubinski
    January 20, 2017

    Hello Love - I just wanted to write to say thank you for all of your help. I am new to making travel arrangements, and your experience made it easy. It was a pleasure to work with you and I look forward to working with you again in the future.

    Phyllis Lubinski

  • Joyce Reyna
    January 20, 2017

    Dear LFB travel Inc.,

    I don't usually send feedback about a customer service agent unless there is a glaring reason. Today I feel it necessary to tell you that my interaction with Paxton this morning needs feedback.
    I had the pleasure of having this young man help me with my e-ticket and information confirmation as well as his polite and thorough responses to my questions. I am not one to travel but every 2-3 years. I am always a little confused because there are always new changes. Bravo to your organization to have an individual that assists people in such a kind and professional manner. Your company would be fortunate to employ more people like him.

    Joyce Reyna

  • Archie Patton
    January 20, 2017

    I needed confirmation for a reservation I made. Paxton expedited my issue & resolved everything with patience & expertise. Thank you

  • Katherine DaCosta
    January 20, 2017

    Paxton was most helpful and thorough.
    He showed an eagerness to make the customer informed,, thoroughly informed. He represents your company well.

    Katherine DaCosta

  • George E, Roberge
    January 20, 2017

    Dear Paxton,

    This is the first time I have dealt with your company. I am a retired Senior Management Consultant from the American Management Consultants, Boston, Ma. The first and most important issue when analyzing any company was Customer Service, particularly, over the phone.

    If I was still consulting, I would request your resume. On a scale of 1-10 (10 highest) you were a 10, without question. Your skills and knowledge of what to do, particularly in selling me travel insurance, were done with professionalism and credibility.

    I honestly hope that when I travel again, I will be fortunate to have the opportunity to meet again with you.

    Your Company is lucky to have you. Not only to you serve customers to highest of standards, but as a person, your human skills, earn their respect.

    I hope we meet again,

    George E, Roberge

  • Franca Alexander
    January 20, 2017

    Thank you Mr. Paxton, you were very helpful with our request of sending e-tickets for our trip as we had not received yet as promised by the person who booked our flights. It was nice to have someone work so quickly and efficiently for us. Hope you have a great day.

  • Francine Root-Adler
    January 20, 2017


    Thank you so much for your assistance in getting such a wonderful flight!
    The departure and arrival times are great with only 3.5 hours in Memphis! WOW!
    Your service was 10 of 10.
    Your understanding of my needs was 10 of 10
    Your meeting my flight needs was 10 of 10
    You answered all my questions 10 of 10
    I will definitely recommend Traveler's Help Desk to anyone flying anywhere! Thank you again!
    Hope you get a raise!

    Francine Root-Adler

  • Stephen R. Lansom
    January 19, 2017

    AYDIN===Thank you for finding out all of the information that I asked for. With that, my friend, I am good to go and need no further assistance. You have been the MOST gracious of all of Smartfares' staffing I have yet to deal with. You deserve a raIse in salary due to the dedication you demonstrate. I will recommend you personally
    Aydin and Smartfares to anyone who asks me for a good airline/hotel booking adency. You may show this response from me to your supervisor and he /she can contact me personally for an additional good word if need be. God Bless===Stephen R. Lansom

  • ~Donna Plunkett
    January 19, 2017

    Thank you Nicholas for your help! It was a pleasure. Ive been trying to get a direct flight to New Orleans and it has not been so easy.......well shall I say way too expensive, fares published for the public were upwards of $1,500 which is way to much for just a shot plane flight............but as you have pointed out New Orleans is a travel destination and Im sure the airlines know that it's also Jazz week. I am very pleased we got a direct flight that won't break us or cause us delay in our travel.

    You have been fabulous to work with and I look forward to speaking with you again for our travel needs. Enjoy and Happy 2017 to you!

    ~Donna Plunkett

  • MS Manal
    January 19, 2017

    Spencer was very Professional and has good Product knowledge. Ms Manal also mentioned that this is her first experience with smart fares and she is very happy with the Customer service.

  • Lou Alonso
    January 17, 2017

    Excellent experience with Eduardo in my phone call to
    LBF Travel. Very helpful and efficient and
    Comforting on my perspective while assisting me.

    Lou Alonso

  • Edward Arness
    January 17, 2017

    To whom it may concern re: Ula's great service to me!!

    I talked with several airlines to get a trip to Phoenix from Seattle and Ula was the best by far, of anyone I spoke with. She was so helpful and so very patient with me in getting it all accomplished.

    I would recommend her service to anyone and I recommend an accommodation for her and perhaps a bonus of some kind for her great work in helping me get this trip planned out etc…It is an important trip for me and my wife of 53 yrs and thanks again to Ula.

    She is the BEST..!!! The industry needs more like her.

    Blessings to you all,
    Edward Arness

  • Michael F. Kiernan
    January 17, 2017

    Thank you Adam for your fine help today! I spoke with United and got aisle seats as requested.

    You did a fine job and I appreciate your assistance very much!
    Michael F. Kiernan

  • Ms Martha
    January 16, 2017

    Got an opportunity to speak with Ms Martha who was pleased with the Customer service provided by Cory.
    Words used by her for Cory :- Cory was very Professional and has good Product knowledge. She also mentioned that Cory make her understand everything. He helped her in Booking her pet in the reservation by calling the airlines. She said he is an asset to the company.

    January 16, 2017

    Hello Adam,

    Thank you so much for a very pleasant and helpful service call! The wait time was very minimal compared to other airline calls I have experienced.

    And all my inquiries were addressed quickly and smoothly, not like other encounters I have had with domestic and international travel agent/airlines.

    I am really impressed w/ the level of customer satisfaction you have provided and very appreciative that you have made the phone call so smooth and and easy for preparing my senior citizen father for his flight. Thank you again and have a wonderful day!

  • Glenna Slaunwhite
    January 15, 2017

    Hello Eduardo: Thank you very much for your assistance in the matter of the cancellation of my booking for a flight from Halifax NS to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. You have answered my questions and have forwarded the email confirming the cancellation of my reservation as noted above.

    Thank you very much.
    Glenna Slaunwhite

    January 14, 2017

    Hello Romen,

    I just wanted to thank you for your help with the change of my reservation from Tampa to Medellin, NOt only you were very helpful, but effective and polite,

    Again thanks much.

  • Odalys Gonzalez Cuevas
    January 12, 2017

    Muy amable senorita Bela, Dios la bendiga!!!

  • Kimiko duben
    January 12, 2017

    Dear Paxton,

    Thank you for taking care of my request immediately.
    I am glad to get this e-mail with E-ticket number on it.
    I received flight information but no E-ticket number.
    I appreciate for your patient work for me. I will use your service again in the future.

    Kimiko duben

  • Natalie
    January 12, 2017

    I was very satisfied , good service, Eduardo was very helpfull. I would like to make future reservations with this company again.

    Thank you

  • Eduard Vaynberg
    January 12, 2017

    The agent was very excellent in his work explaining things and is a good asset to the company. Well mannered and polite. Good service very helpful 5/5.

    Thank you for the help.

  • Jacqueline O’Brien
    January 10, 2017

    Hi All,

    Had a chance to speak to Jacqueline O’Brien she was very happy with the Amazing service provided by Anastasia. She said that she was very Impressed with her professionalism.
    And will always contact her for all her future reservations . She will recommend Anastasia to her friends and family as well.

  • Adriana Angotti
    January 9, 2017

    Hi Casper,

    I'll def keep you in mind on my next travels. You were a great influence and asset for me. I really appreciate your all time and help. No one was able to find such a great deal for the flights. Thank you so much for pushing the 8th Jan. It was the best thing I did, to fly last night and already be here today. Wise advise. Thanks again!!

  • Paulette crosbourne
    January 9, 2017

    It was a pleasure speaking with Mr vifred this afternoon. Called and booked airline,car rental and hotel,we were promised that they would send the confirmations by email and they were not. Mr vifred was patient,and took the time to provide us what was needed. He send the emails and I would like to commend him for his professionlism and his dedication to his work. He is an asset to your company and is a dedicated professional. Thanks again. Paulette crosbourne on behalf of Gresham a crosbourne.

  • Krista Gambles
    January 9, 2017

    Paxton thank you for your help with making sure I have the correct insurance. Also going over all the details of my flight. You were very helpful and made it understandable for me. Krista Gambles

  • Carrion Rico
    January 8, 2017


    Just wanted to say “thank-you” for your courtesy and help answering some travel questions. This is my first time using TravelerHelpDesk, for my trip and I am delighted so far. Thanks again for great service and continued support!

    Best regards
    Rico Carrion

  • Mark robbins
    January 5, 2017

    Just wanted to Thank You for your patience and professionalism in helping to book our daughter's, Kendall Robbins, flight to L.A. on New Eve Day at a reasonable rate. Appreciate your handling of the situation and all went perfect.

    I can't find any survey to compliment you to those who should know.

    We might be booking some flights in the VERY near future due to my brother's sudden and terminal illness.
    However, Happy New Year to you and will be speaking to you soon.

    Mark Robbins

  • Paulette crosbourne PhD.
    January 4, 2017

    Thank you for all you do vilfred I was told on two occassion that the information was emailed but they were not, but you were patient and understanding and you send them for US. It show that you are a true asset to your company and shows an interest in the people you serve. Paulette crosbourne PhD.

  • Niculina Moreira
    January 4, 2017

    To Davin

    with lots of thanks for your help. /You where very professional and helpful

    thank you again
    Niculina Moreira

  • Arlene Silva
    January 3, 2017

    To whom it may concern:
    I would like to say kudos to Tom, your Senior Travel Consultant who patiently provided me with great customer service today. I am so frustrated for calling almost every month and for not receiving my refund for over 3 months and to find out that it was not process after all and I will get penalized for additional charge of $50.00 by airlines company for the late refund. Hearing that from a customers perspective is not good and I took my frustration with Tom. He remain professional and explained the situation thoroughly from the beginning and found out that the previous agent made some mistakes. I really admired him for handling stressful situation with calm demeanor, understanding and professionalism. He is a great asset of your company and great example in customer service type of business. Keep up the great job Tom!

  • Mr. William
    January 2, 2017

    Got an opportunity to speak with Mr. William who was pleased with the Customer service provided by Vincent.
    Words used by him for Vincent:- Vincent was very Professional and has good Product knowledge. He also mentioned that he will put the positive comments through social network to praise Vincent's Customer Service. He will recommend Smart fares to his friends and family

  • Cynthia
    January 1, 2017

    Thank you for all your help Spencer!

    Beacuse of your personal & courteous help, I chose to book theough your company versus American Airlines directly. I preferred working with you.

    Continued success in this New Year. I will reach out to you personally when planning my next two trips later this year.

    Be well,

    Cynthia Phungrasamee

  • Kristine Ferrara
    February 28, 2017

    Matric Johnson did a beautiful job with ate trip thank you !

    February 28, 2017

    Dylan--Thank you for your intervention on my behalf re/ my reservation changes. I now realize that my recent stay at Queens Park Hotel was booked for winter prices which are always lower than peak travel times. My October booking at the Apollo Hotel reflects pricing during a more peak time than winter, hence higher rates. In this case, I chose the hotel even after you offered me the lower rate for the Queens Park venue. So,the issue is mine and I choose to make the best of it, It may be only a two star hotel, but the hotel assures me that they stand behind the clams they make in their advertised offer, I.E. en-suite shower, TV, coffee-maker, safe and friendly area, 24-hour check-in, etc. Also, this area is where I like to stay when in London. Again, thank you for your assistance and when I make travel plans in the future, Smartfare/Hotelwiz will be my first choice. Sincerely,

    Stephen R Lansom

  • Joe Fetter
    February 28, 2017


    Your help today is greatly appreciated!

    Thank you,
    Joe Fetter

  • Elisha naidoo
    February 23, 2017

    hi paxton

    thank you for your assistance it is highly appreciated. Excellent services and very helpful. thank you once again.

    February 22, 2017

    Bruce was very helpful and patient throughout the call. He was professional on call

    She is going to recommend our company to friends and family member as she is very satisfied with the services provided.

  • Sandra beltran
    February 22, 2017

    What a great representative you all have working for your company. I just finished talking to Garrick and WOW ! talk about Customer Service. In today's world I run into so many customer service representatives that talk, sound and act like they are doing you the favor of answering the telephone . I teach Customer Service equittee and let me commend your representive Garrick. He worked with me and we couldn't fine a price that I could afford. We hung up and about 10 minutes letter he called me and he located a price I could I afford. Now I can surprise my older brother for he's birthday, Thank you Thank you Thank you

    February 21, 2017

    Malcolm is a great employee. He is very helpful and deserve a raised.

  • Vladimir Birman
    February 21, 2017

    Hello,Hector! Thank you so much for helping me with my questions, everything was easily reconciled and appreciated.Your service very helpful and professional. Thanks again. I'll give you a call 04.07.17 about seats reservation. Vladimir Birman

  • Valeria Glover
    February 20, 2017

    Mr.Love-travel consultant was very helpful in assisting me. I had a problem regard: my reservation. was very patient with me, also professional. I rate him very highly. Thank you, MS Vglover

  • Tammi Bess
    February 19, 2017

    Feb 17th 2017 11;24 a.m.
    To whom it may Concern,
    Villred was Very HELPFUL,very Efficient and helped answer all my questions and concerns, and requests I had today!! Thank you for your service!!!

    Tammi Bess

  • Svetlana
    February 19, 2017

    Hello Adam,

    This email is to let you know why I appreciate your help over the phone:
    ___You are a good listener,
    ___You provided me with my Airline Reservation # that in my opinion should be provided
    along with your Travel Agency's Reservation # at the time of Booking.
    ___You assigned seats that I requested.
    ___You gave me peace of mind by explaining that issuing my ticket is a process that might
    take up to a whole day.

    Thank you for doing great job,

  • Steve Turney
    February 18, 2017


    It was big help to me for my flight booking confirmation. He seems quite competent and customer friendly. I will come to you for my next flight booking.


  • Elsie Sargent & Shirley Watkins
    February 17, 2017

    I want to thank you very much for the help with my sister. I called to ask for assistance, for my sister.

    She is 79 and flying for the first time, and by herself. Mr. Eduardo Rodriguez was so helpful and kind I'm now not so worried about her flying on your airline. We will always recommend Traveler Help Desk, and this airline. Thank you so much.

  • John Murray
    February 17, 2017

    Attn: Travelershelpdesk,

    I just received wonderful service from Metric. Yesterday I placed a reservation and I didn't receive the confirmation email as I was expecting. I have been having trouble with one of my emails so this had me concerned. Metric listened to my problem and put me on a brief hold and quickly resolved the issue. Within a matter of minutes I had my confirmation email. Metric was also diligent to make sure I had all of the information I needed. He also explained the insurance policy which I decided against. Thank you for having employees as conscientious as Metric

    Warm regards, John Murray

  • Valeria Glover
    February 16, 2017

    The above person (Paxton) just handled my information, regarding my insurance. He was very courteous and profesional . If I was giving him a score from 1 to 10. 1 would be excellent. It was a pleasure to speak with him.

    My regards Valeria Glover

  • Valeria Glover
    February 16, 2017

    The above person (Paxton) just handled my information, regarding my insurance. He was very courteous and profesional . If I was giving him a score from 1 to 10. 1 would be excellent. It was a pleasure to speak with him.

    My regards Valeria Glover

  • Ndamo Nick
    February 16, 2017

    Davin, you are just an awesome!
    This is the second time you are helping me and both time works great!
    I promise next time I will make my reservation through you!
    Thank you again!

  • Angela McDonald
    February 16, 2017

    Hello I had a little issue with the ticket numbers I didn't think I had been issued yet but Edoardo done a wonderful job helping me he resolve all of the issues very professionally thank you very much

  • Linda Porter
    February 15, 2017


    You were such a HUGE help to me in making my flight plans from Burlington, VT to Portland, Oregon. I know that twice I made mistakes on the date to depart, and you were so patient, kind and understanding. You are an employee of whom your company should be proud. Thank you again for all of your help.

    February 14, 2017

    I am very satisfied. Agent is very awesome. Other people should learn from him. Though he charged a little bit more but it was pleasure talking to him

  • Diane Scott
    February 14, 2017

    Thank you for your fast and courteous response to the email I had not received yesterday. I am very pleased with the help I received today from you.

  • Linda Hagemann
    February 14, 2017

    Romen was very helpful in changing seat assignments as the first ones we received were not acceptable. He was very friendly and accommodating. I hope to use your service in the future as I travel frequently. Linda Hagemann

  • MR. Adam J. Jankowski
    February 14, 2017

    Am I going to get a receipt for the Traveler Insurance.

    Paxton was polite and helpful. I would ask for his assistance again of I needed help.
    MR. Adam J. Jankowski

  • Rosa medina
    February 14, 2017

    Mr. Davin, Thank you so much for your help. I am very pleased. Now I can have a good sleep prior to my flight.
    o, I also appreciated the consideration and kindness in making my trip accommodations as comfortable and possible.

  • Teresa S. Passarelli
    February 14, 2017


    Thank you for your help in confirming that my flight reservation is in order, giving me a seat assignment and emailing my round trip ticket.
    Also, you were very helpful in responding to my MANY questions.
    This is the first time I've booked a flight through THD and I will use your group for my next trip.

    Teresa S. Passarelli.

  • Carol Dominguez
    February 14, 2017


    You were fantastic very helpful
    Thank you
    Have an Awesome Day
    Carol Dominguez

  • Betty Kaiser
    February 14, 2017

    Love was able to ease my mind regarding our family flights to Disney World this Spring. I am so glad that he was able to help me and he sent me updated information. Thank you, Love, for your expertise and your professional service.

  • L de Leon
    February 13, 2017

    Thank you Mr.Paxton for a very nice customer service you made for me this morning..appreciated very much.

  • Kay
    February 12, 2017

    Dear Adam,

    Thank you for sending me copies of the air reservations.
    Thank you also for telling me my aisle seat numbers.
    Thank you for a wheelchair request for the international flights, arrival only since I have trouble standing long periods at immigration.
    You can cancel wheelchair request for the domestic airlines.


  • Sandie Bailey
    February 12, 2017

    Good morning Lawrence, Thank you so much for your help with booking my flight. I really appreciate it! I wanted to check our seating arrangement. I would like to make sure that we are seated , two by two .
    Preferably close together, since I am flying with three minor children. Thanks so much Sandie Bailey

  • BrooklynWoofWalkers
    February 12, 2017

    What a wonderful way to make a reservation! Carlota was the best travel agent I have ever spoken to. I never enjoyed making a reservation so much. She helped me with my Spanish and was extremely efficient. I would definitely book with her again!

  • Elizabeth
    February 11, 2017

    I want to thank you so much for all the help you gave to me. you were very patient with me as I wasn't understanding, and you got me to understand it, thank you, Elizabeth

  • Joanne E Jones
    February 11, 2017


    Thanks for your friendly help. You were great in anticipating my question. and emailing my travel documents before i even asked. you made my call fun and productive because of this experience i would certainly travel with this company again

    joanne E Jones

  • Carlisa Love
    February 11, 2017

    Adam was so helpful he assisted me on assigning the best seat that was available for each flight. He was very patience and very helpful I really appreciate it and thank you again

  • Ms Widaman
    February 11, 2017

    Anastasia was a great help, she is the best representative ever came across and I enjoyed talking to her

  • Suni Caylor
    February 11, 2017

    I want to thank Adam for his help getting me seats for my flghts to and from Los Angeles today and for sending me the e tickets which had not arrived yet this morning. I was worried and he took care of my concerns. He is also helping me resolving the free baggage arrangement that was supposed to come with my ticket but did not show on his screen or my eticket. Thank you Adam!


  • Linda Fry
    February 9, 2017

    The agent was very helpful & answered all my questions & sent email with seat assignments.

    Linda Fry

  • Shahid Akhtar
    February 9, 2017

    Thank you Paxton for your professional and courteous dealing with my inquiries.

  • Donna Plonski
    February 8, 2017

    I want to Thank You for the great service. I was concerned about my flight from Cleveland to Denver reservation #3JCP7H because I did not have a confirmation number. It only took you a few minutes to get all my information for me and send it so I could print it out. I sincerely appreciated all your help.

    Thank you again, Donna Plonski

  • Ms Ferber
    February 8, 2017

    Aven was Understanding, knowledgeable, efficient and patient.

  • Eugene
    February 7, 2017

    Rich helped to book the flight.. Eugene wanted to let us know that He did a great job and deserves pat on his back.

  • Rosanna
    February 7, 2017

    Hello Rich,

    I just want to thank you for all your help with finding our airline tickets for a great price and for your help with the insurance coverage. You were very kind and helpful, and very patient and polite. I just want you to know that I called other agencies before I got you and I ended up purchasing from you, whereas the others wouldn't work with me on the prices that were too high so I did not do business with them.
    I am very happy with your excellent service and with your company, that I would highly recommend to anyone I know looking to purchase tickets.
    Thank you again, I look forward to working with you in the future.
    God bless you,

  • Beverly Sperry
    February 7, 2017

    Eduardo was very helpful with my questions. He answered everything for me. I needed my last name adjusted and to find out my seat number. He even gave me an aisle seat instead of a window. I also needed the confirmation code to check in. He was patient and very professional. He sent me a new email with all the information.

    Beverly Sperry

  • Morton Rosen
    February 7, 2017

    To whom it may concern:
    I spoke with your Mr. Paxton. He was most helpful and patient.
    He was very professional as well.

    Morton Rosen

  • Ellie Spitzbergen
    February 6, 2017

    Eduardo, thank you for your help when I bought my plane tickets, for my seat assignment etc. you were very patient and kind and helpful. I am now on my trip home and everything has gone like clockwork . I had wonderful service with the wheelchair. I will use this company again in future for my travel plans and will directly contact Eduardo Rodriguez. Once again Thank you for the best service.

  • Connie J.
    February 6, 2017


    Just wanted to send you this email thanking you for all your help this morning with my airplane tickets! Your help explaining the time changes and going over each stop was very much appreciated!

    As I mentioned, my husband and I have not flown for a very long time and I am extremely nervous about it. You were so kind to patiently go over each change and then send me update info!! Also your reassurances that it was just a minor change and not a big deal helped me tremendously!!!

    Thanks again for your expertise and kindness!!
    Connie J.

  • Sandra
    February 6, 2017


    Thank you very much for the excellent service you provided. You were so helpful, patient and gentle as I kept asking for different travel possibilities. I was truly impressed with the service you provided.
    Keep up the good work!
    Hope you have a wonderful week.


  • Giannina Amaro
    February 6, 2017

    Buenas noches, Bravo, antes que nada quiero agradecer infinitamente la ayuda que me has brindado esta noche.

    Tomaste todo el tiempo necesario, con calma y buena actitud. Buscaste todas las opciones posibles para solucionar mi problema, y lo lograste. Hoy lograste devolverme la calma cuando creí todo perdido. Después de tu atención no dudaré en seguir comprando mis pasajes con ustedes,

    Sólo comentarte que aún no me ha llegado el correo de confirmación. Por favor toma los datos de este. Tal vez algo estaba mal.

    Reitero mi agradecimiento y reconocimiento a tu buena gestión.


    Giannina Amaro.

  • Brandon Benson
    February 6, 2017

    Thank you for all your help! Metric was a lot of help in clarifying my trip. Awesome!

  • Kenenth
    February 5, 2017

    Kenneth was externally lucky to talk to Nicholas as he was very professional and has a great helping attitude

  • Mrs LADEAU
    February 4, 2017

    Agent was very good and persistent. good salesmen. We will definately use you company next time

  • Michelle Marvin
    February 4, 2017

    I am writing to commend Adams customer service help. I was nervous booking with the company as the number just popped up on my computer screen but decided to try. My tickets did not issue within the 5 hours as I was originally told so I called customer service and received Adam today. He out my mind at ease with all of my six passengers tickets and walked me through the how to of printing my tickets which he resent to my email in seconds. I will print them tomorrow's. he was very helpful knowledgeable and courteous and I will use this company again . He then connected me directly with united airlines as per my request. Thank you and I look forward to continued business in the future.

    Michelle Marvin
    Sent from my iPhone

  • Joseph D. Hill
    February 3, 2017


    I really appreciate the time and information that you provided to me regarding questions that I had concerning securing tickets and other matters relative to the imminent vacation that my wife and I are about to embark upon.

  • 'Margie E Miller
    February 3, 2017


    I really appreciate the time and information that you provided to me regarding questions that I had concerning securing tickets and other matters relative to the imminent vacation that my wife and I are about to embark upon.

  • Chaya Czernowin
    February 2, 2017

    Dear John

    Thanks a lot for your help with my reservation.
    You did your best and your succeeded to get me the last sit.
    I do appreciate this.

    Thanks for your excellent work


  • Dbaumann
    February 2, 2017

    Thank you very much Eduardo for your fast & efficient service. I will use travelerhelpdesk again in the future. Rating of 5/5

  • Dbaumann
    February 2, 2017

    We appreciated the excellent service that was provided to us on our recent purchase of airline tickets and answering all of our questions.

  • Forrest Hobbick Jr
    February 2, 2017

    Thank you for your help with my seat assignments. Your service was very professional

  • Mayra Garcia
    February 1, 2017

    Adam, want to thank you for helping me out with selecting seats on my flight.

    Excellent Customer Service. Looking forward to making future reservations. Have a great day.

  • Tommy
    March 31, 2017

    Cannot tell you how much I appreciate you fixing my mistakes. Wish there was some way to send you a Bonus. LOL You will get a good review and everyone I know will be using your service


  • Barbara Butski
    March 31, 2017

    I would just like to compliment you Adam on your helpfulness with this booking! You have made it clear that I made the right choice when deciding who to book with and we will definately be repeat customers because of they service that you supplied!

  • Mrs Josephine Villagomez
    March 31, 2017

    Hi Davin - it was nice speaking with you. I wanted to thank you for your help on reserving a seat for my husband, he only likes aisle seats. This is the first time we have used Travelers and my experience was great.

    Have a wonderful evening.

    Mrs Josephine Villagomez

  • Dean Beckos
    March 31, 2017

    To Whom it may concern, Paxton was able to answer my questions, secure my seat assignments and e-mail me our e-tickets. Very efficient and positive experience.

    Thank you, Dean Beckos

  • Mary Blazes
    March 30, 2017

    Thank you so much for All.your kind assistance with my difficulties in health so that I can travel.

    Your service is extraordinary.


  • Sheikh
    March 30, 2017

    Dear Manager,

    I am so glad that, Paxton answered my phone! His wonderful positive response made me completely satisfied with your service. This is the first time I have used your service, because of Paxton, I promise, I will come back to you for any of my travel need.
    Paxton, please send me your direct phone or extension so I can call you directly.
    I appreciate, all your help and service.


  • Djuana Robinson
    March 30, 2017

    Thank you for helping me with my reservation Paxton. You made my experience with your company easy!!!

  • Ropeta Tinetali Gafa
    March 30, 2017

    Dear Ula,

    Aloha from Hawaii! This is the first time I have used your services and I am very satisfied with all the time you have patiently and respectfully searched and put me on hold and have come up with the airline that I prefer and a total price that has saved me some money.

    Thank you for being so patient in answering all my questions.
    God bless you!
    Ropeta Tinetali Gafa

  • Mary Bromwell
    March 28, 2017

    Dear Paxton, Thank you for your assistance today. You were quite helpful and very clear about making me understand how this all works. I received this email with the e-ticket information which I was looking for and you gave me the airline confirmation numbers I needed. Thanks and have a good day Mary Bromwell

  • Naana Bee
    March 28, 2017

    Thanks for your help with my e-ticket. I really appreciate how you were patient and explained all the details to me. God bless you.

  • Marvin Robertson
    March 28, 2017

    Thank you so much for the assistance and clarification on my travel itinerary. You have been very professional and patient with me. I look forward to using your services in the future. Margaret R.

  • Linda James, Ed.D
    March 28, 2017

    Dear Ruskin,

    Thank you for handling my request so efficiently and professionally. Your tone was very friendly and you were able to provide me with the information I needed in a very timely manner. This is very important when your clients are on tight schedules and need information right away. Once again, thank you for your help!

    Linda James, Ed.D

  • Nancy Watson
    March 28, 2017

    I wish to thank Mr Ruskin for his kindness and patience in assisting me with changes to my itinerary. This is most appreciated, and I will book with your company in the future.

    Nancy J Watson

  • Stanley Basurto
    March 28, 2017

    Thanks Vilfred you were very professional, you answered all me question and you were very helpful, thank you so much, Great Customer Representative

  • Cristina
    March 27, 2017

    Davin - Thank you for all of your help in planning the next steps for our trip to Orlando. You were very helpful and informative in tending to my questions.

    Thank you,

  • Mary Bromwell
    March 27, 2017

    Dear Paxton, Thank you for your assistance today. You were quite helpful and very clear about making me understand how this all works. I received this email with the e-ticket information which I was looking for and you gave me the airline confirmation numbers I needed. Thanks and have a good day Mary Bromwell

  • Trusha Ghavaria
    March 27, 2017


    Thank you for your help in providing the information correctly.


  • Michael Zaki
    March 27, 2017


    You have been great in making my reservation and u were very professional. Thank u Michael

  • Araceli Lozano
    March 27, 2017


  • Marisa Abreu
    March 27, 2017

    Appreciation - Buenas noches, agradezco al SR.JAVIER BANDERAS, sus servicios profesionales que me ha brindado.Su respetuosa y positiva Actitud.La condescendiente ayuda, y la demostración de la calidad de la Aerolínea DELTA, fue lo que me convenció de reservar un ticket...

    English Translation - Good evening, I thank SR.JAVIER BANDERAS, his professional services that he has offered me. His respectful and positive Attitude. The condescending help, and the demonstration of the quality of the DELTA Carrier, what convinced me to reserve a ticket.

  • Rachel Singleton-Hall
    March 25, 2017

    Rich, Thank you for your help booking my flights and taking the time to find me the best times and prices.

    I really appreciate your kindness and professionalism.

    Rachel Singleton - Hall

  • Mark Werner
    March 25, 2017

    Hello Roman,

    Wanted to give you an enormous thank you, you have done an outstanding job, I have legitimately never had a better experience with booking a flight. Excellent customer service. I look forward to doing business with you and this company again in the future.
    All the best!

  • Ms Jones
    March 24, 2017

    Ms Jones was pleased with the Customer service provided by Alicia.Alicia was very Professional and has good Product knowledge. She said she is senior passenger and Alicia found cheap price for her and she is very happy with her services. She also said that she will recommend Smart fares to his friends and family

  • Cecelia Barnes-Dillman
    March 24, 2017

    Triston Miller,

    Thank You for your Above and Beyond Exceeds! assistance this evening!
    We have had a very tragic death in our family and needing to travel a distance for the funeral.
    You were very professional, knowledgeable, had lots of patience! and, last but not least, kind, your kindness was so very appreciated Triston.
    I hope your company will greatly reward you for your customer service.
    God Bless You,
    Cecelia Barnes-Dillman

    March 23, 2017

    To whom it may concern I am writing in regards to Mr Eduardo Rodriguez work performance n work ethics . Mr Rodriguez work ethics were well beyond the call of duties and very explanatory of policies as well as getting the job done thoroughly n with due diligence n patience towards customers I highly recommend Mr Rodriguez in good quality of staff performance of a job well done . Yours truly. MR. JUAN A. RODRIGUEZ

  • Patricia
    March 23, 2017

    Thanks for your assistance.

    you were a very big help.

  • Miriam Rodriguez Quiñones
    March 23, 2017

    Gracias al Sr. Franco Iglesia por el excelente servicio brindado en la tarde de hoy para realizar unos boletos. Estoy sumamente agradecida por su ayuda y disponibilidad. L tomare en cuenta par futuras reservaciones. Es placer para ser ayudada por la calidad de ser humano.

    Miriam Rodriguez Quiñones

  • Daniel Dennis Cullen
    March 22, 2017

    Paxton, Again thank you for all your help and assistance in getting my fligth confirmed for tomorroe from Santo Domingo,Dominican Republic o San Juan , Puerto Rico. I have to be at the VA Hospital in San Juan for a Blood Transfusion on the 23rd. Because of your excllente customer service you preformed for me today, in the future I will be a repeat customer with your company.

    Respectfully Submitted,
    Daniel Dennis Cullen

  • jose vidal
    March 22, 2017

    Metric Jonhson im very please with your perfornmace you were very pleasant

  • Anne Staelens
    March 21, 2017


    I wanted to express my gratitude for the time you spent on March 20, 2017 getting my trip details. I was trying to get a last minute flight from Milwaukee to Philadelphia. You spent a long time suggesting different routes, airports and even means of travels incorporating possible trains into my travel plans. I would not have considered the alternatives you suggested. Thank you. You even looked up distances to my final destination, prices, and shuttles from airport to train station. Thank you also for being considerate of the lay over times in having time to make connections without the stress of limited tight connecting times.
    You are a nice considerate person and I appreciated your kindness in taking so much time with me in finally securing a trip that I could afford and was safe and as convenient as a last minute trip can be! This busy fast paced world of business needs more people like you who take the time needed to make things as right as possible!

    Thanks again Roman!
    Anne Staelens

  • Koto Moto
    March 21, 2017

    Just wanted to let you know how helpful Ruskin was to me!!! He was extremely patient and kind!! I really appreciated all his help with my flight concerns!!! He really is a asset to your company for his customer service

  • Mary Ann Hassey
    March 20, 2017


    A huge thank you for all your help with my situation. I can't even begin to tell you how many people (customer service representatives), supervisors and even a manager about this and you solve it for me.
    Not only do you deserve a raise, but a higher position. I know I am not getting the full amount ($269.96) back but you know what at this point that's ok. You have been such a help and a pleasure to deal with it is worth it to me.
    If they ever lose you they will be sorry. If you need me to do a survey on you particularly, I would be more than happy to do it for you.

    Thank you again for your assistance on this matter.

  • Mrs Boye
    March 20, 2017

    Mrs. Boye was very happy with the assistance offered by Anastasia

  • Sandi Torske
    March 20, 2017

    Thank you for your empathy and courtesy regarding my reservation. You are a patient, valuable employee of your company.

  • Dawn Bunetta
    March 20, 2017

    Thank you for your professional service with my travel plans to New Orleans.

    The representatives are very courteous and informative.
    Only one thing that was a bit confusing is when I got my confirmation email with the itinerary it was not clear as to how to get the actual ticket. The airline record locator number is not “ highlighted” which would help AND if your representative would explain that I need to enter the airline record locator number directly on the carriers direct website to produce a boarding pass. I was told you were sending my E-TICKET, which in fact is not correct.
    You are sending a record locator number.

    Thank you for considering this suggestion for future.
    Dawn Bunetta

  • Ashleigh Brown
    March 20, 2017

    Romen worked with a sense of urgency, was patient, and helped me find a great deal at an unbeatable price. I'll definitely be coming back to book my flights!

  • Mary Gudenschwager
    March 20, 2017

    Thank you Paxton. You were very helpful tonight. I needed some documents to satisfy my Visa requirements and you understood what I was requesting and took care of it promptly. You were very pleasant to talk to and work with.


    Mary Gudenschwager

  • Jose Jr. Gallardo Tabingo
    March 20, 2017

    Dear Mr. Adam, I would like to send my sincere thank you to you for helping me on my booking from Manila Philippines going to Springfield Missouri. You did an excellent job in helping me. I hope you will help more people and will help me again in the near future. Again, Thank you very much.

    Jose Jr. Gallardo Tabingo

  • Daisy Plasencia
    March 17, 2017

    Thank you so much for all your help regarding all my reservation questions, and how patiently you listen and explain all that was concerning me. It was a pleasure talking with you.

    Thank you!
    Daisy plasencia

  • Jim Miller
    March 17, 2017

    I would like to commend Paxton for a superior customer service experience. Very professional and proactive attitude. One of my better experiences. Jim Miller

  • Renae Pusateri
    March 17, 2017

    Hi Adam, Thank you so much for helping me with our seat assignments. I appreciate your being very kind, answering all my questions, and being patient with me. Thank you very much, and hope you have a good day.

    Renae Pusateri

  • Marilyn Cruz
    March 16, 2017

    Travel document that i have been requesting was sent to my email within 5 seconds by your staff Paxton. Thank you for a good service!

    Marilyn Cruz

  • Claire Muller
    March 15, 2017

    I just got off the phone with Eduardo Rodriguez and would like to compliment you on having such a conscientious agent on your staff.

    I called with a concern of my credit card. The company had put a hold on it, fearing that such a large purchase may be suspect, as it is unusual for us to make. I was worried that I would have to re-book the trip. Such was not the case. Eduardo was reassuring and efficient in re-submitting the card and it went through as it should.

    Thank you for such courteous service!
    Claire Muller

  • James B
    March 15, 2017

    Adam was very help full and very professional and friendly james seider

  • Cathleen Medina
    March 14, 2017


    I would like to let you know that the customer service provided by Eduardo was very professional. He was very polite and courteous. He answered all my questions and was very detailed regarding my questions.

    Cathleen Medina

  • Sue Winowiecki
    March 14, 2017

    I spoke to Eduardo today. He was very helpful in sending me the itinerary of my flights to Paris and Oslo and home to Detroit. He was very courteous and I appreciate his trying to get my seats for the flights.

    Sue Winowiecki

  • Kathi Evenson
    March 13, 2017

    I have dealt with Eduardo several times regarding our flight to and from Orlando the end of March. Each time he has answered all my questions, solved my problems and has always been very courteous and helpful. He always asks if there is anything else he can help me with before we end our call. He should get an A+ for customer service!!

    March 12, 2017

    This is Miguel Blanco Ramirez, just to thank you for you´re assistance in solving the problems I had with my reservation 5IRAHT. I found you very much involved in fixing the situation. Your perfomance was fast and very effective, for which I am very grateful. yours truly


  • Nancy Reaves
    March 12, 2017

    To whom it may concern....the supervisor for Sheldon, I would like to say that my service and help from Sheldon has been way above the necessary and usual obligation of an agent. He is kind and patient. He went the extra mile and got both the price and times we needed. I will definitely contact him again for service in the future as we travel outside the country typically on mission trips once or twice a year besides domestic travel. Sheldon is a 5 star employee! With appreciation, Nancy Reaves

  • Jim Twomey
    March 11, 2017

    We had to cancel our flight scheduled 3/19/17 due to critical medical condition with our son. I had called several times to try and recoup a refund. Only to be told was not eligible for one. I had made the flight only thirteen hours prior to cancelling. Today I thought I would call one last time to plea my case. With great pleasure was connected with Anastasia. She went above and beyond to help us recoup our airfare. We want to express our appreciation to her for her help. She demonstrated professional, compassionate and understanding. She should be commended for a fantastic job she did.

    Thank you
    JIm and Denise Twomey

  • Pat Wenthe
    March 11, 2017

    Paxton, I am very satisfied with the way you provided the answers to my questions. On a scale od 1 - 10 (10 being the best) I would give you a 10.

  • Linda
    March 10, 2017

    Linda who was very pleased to speak with Jordon, as per her Jordan is very humble and courteous, She will always book with Jordan or smartfares as she is very happy about the services she received.

  • Ms Deborah
    March 10, 2017

    Heath was very Professional and has good Product knowledge. She also mentioned that Initially she was very nervous while making the reservation However Heath helped in a professional way and she is feeling good now. She also said that she will recommend Smart fares to his friends and family

  • Nada Omer
    March 10, 2017

    Thank you for your help Selina..I know the names are long and complicated..You handled this in a very professional way and you gave all the time ,assistance and assurance
    I needed.

    Thank you again and it was a pleasure talking to you.
    I'll always do my bookings through your respectful company.
    Nada Omer

  • Grace
    March 10, 2017

    Hi Romen,

    Thank you very much for your help and for your patience.I really appreciated it.Excellent job.Grace

  • Sarah Allen
    March 10, 2017

    Metric was very helpful in assisting with my issues. He was also very pleasant.

    Thank you,
    Sarah Allen

  • H Mbabaali
    March 10, 2017

    Hi Lesly,

    I would like to thank you very very much for the assistance you provided me with my ticket/booking.

    I had called your company 2 times concerning my ticket and booking but was not getting satisfactory answers until I got you. Your explanation in a calm professional manner the willingness to go the extra mile to make sure that all my questions and concerns are taken care of is beyond description. THANK YOU VERY MUCH LESLY.
    I do not know what to do to show you my appreciation since we are in different countries though neighbours but if you could do me one more favour; please forward this e-mail to your supervisor and manager so they can know my appreciation and how an asset you are to their company.
    You have taken away my frustration and for sure, I will be your supporter and ambassador. For sure I will be recommending your company to my friends.
    Once again, thanks Lesly for your superior and unparalled customer service. For sure you should get a raise in your salary.
    One satisfied customer and happy camper who will be using Smart Fares from now on.
    God Bless you.
    Hamza Mbabaali

  • Justin Terry
    March 10, 2017

    Roman did his job very professionally . He is very nice, good and calm person. He is very professional. Previous agent had hung up the call on me and I had decided never to give you my business. But Roman is an excellent person. He made a difference b/w the old views and now after speaking to Roman,

  • Kathleen
    March 9, 2017

    Rich was really a great customer service employee, Helped me with an amazing deal with the kind of seats I wanted,

  • Melissa Vieira
    March 9, 2017

    All good thank you for your help!!!

  • Juliegreene
    March 9, 2017

    I just want to say how appreciative i am for all the help and patience you guys showed me. Hector at extention 1257 was the absolute Best and went beyond to see that my situation got resolved and to find the best deal going. So I especially would like to say thanks for everything and great service. I will pass your services on to others.

  • Shirley Vicencio
    March 8, 2017

    Hi Eduardo,

    Just letting you know I just received the email with my flight info and seat numbers. Thank you for your assistance and assigning the seats for me. You were very polite, great customer service and very patient. I will find out about the airport shuttle to the Columbia Airport.

    Shirley Vicencio

  • Mr Gonzalez
    March 8, 2017

    Ah thank you so much you have been an amazing help to me please forward this to your supervisor so they can know how excellent on employee they have :)

  • Rosalia
    March 7, 2017

    I just want to drop a quick note to thank you for taking the time to talk to me and help me understand my email ticket. The flight was booked for me by my daughter while I was away, and I wasn't familiar with the travel details..you were very courteous, professional and patient with me.. I look forward to using your service in the next few weeks.

    Thank you

  • Lucy Stevens
    March 6, 2017


    Recently I had just called in to check my reservation status and to get my ticket printed. I had spoken to your travel consultant Eduardo. He was very helpful in answering my questions regarding my upcoming trip to Cancun. I would definitely use your service again.

    Lucy Stevens

  • Neil Klein
    March 5, 2017

    I want to thank Melosa for her excellent customer assistance. She gave me all the options for my flight and I picked one that was more money but in the end a better situation. She is Professional and easy to talk to and knows the ins and outs of the travel industry. I am going to visit my dying Mother and in this stressful time she made my world better and took some of the Stress away. Please Thank her for me. I have used the site before and I will use it again and recommend it to all I know. Thank you again for having such Excellent employees.

    Neil Klein Happy Customer

  • Teresa Stuckey
    March 4, 2017

    I booked a flight yesterday with traveldesk and was suppose to receive my etickets last night. When I checked my email today, I had received my confirmation, but no tickets. When I called the customer service number today, Eduardo, one of your agents, was very helpful and very quickly, within a matter of a few minutes, had my etickets emailed to me. Thanks to him and to your website. I will use this site again and will recommend it to others.

    Thanks again!
    Teresa Clark

  • Erma D. Shapiro
    March 4, 2017

    Dear Eduardo,

    Thank you so much for your help with my existing flight reservation and booking a car for my stay. Your customer service skills are excellent and I feel so much better after talking to you knowing my reservations are confirmed. If I have the need to travel in the future, I will contact you.

    Erma D. Shapiro

  • Susan Kaufman
    March 4, 2017


    I want to thank you, Heath, for the time you gave me this evening while booking tickets for my children to visit me here in Charleston, SC. Your knowledge of your services helped to book flights for them at a different airport which helped with lower fares. I was unable to maneuver the other website, so I hope that this can be used to show your diligence in working with TravelerHelpDesk and consumers.

    Thanks again.

  • Sonia Rowe
    March 3, 2017

    After realizingmy card waS charged twice I called and selina assured me it was taken care and she also help me to assign my seat her customer service was greatlyappreciated

  • Terry Mendenhall
    March 3, 2017

    Vilfred did a very good job, and he was very polite and answered all my questions.

  • Susan Neuman
    March 3, 2017

    Davin took care of everything for me in a timely fashion. I had called two weeks ago to get my seat assignment and the guy who did that never sent me any kind of confirmation. Davin made me feel very comfortable about my tickets, sent the email immediately, waited on the phone to make sure I received it. He was a pleasure to deal with. Thanks Davin

    Sent from my iPhone

  • Robert Resendez
    March 3, 2017

    To whom it may concern , I was fortunate to talk to Adam who helped me with my seat assignment on my flight. He not only was very helpful but also extremely courteous , thank you Adam , Robert

  • Renee S. Jones
    March 2, 2017

    Ms. Emma,

    I would like to take a moment to say thank you for being an awesome customer service person. You walked me through details and made sure I understand. If I could make a wish, I would wish that you answer the call every time I make one, for every bill and service.

    Again ma'am THANK YOU.
    Author Renee S. Jones, M.Ed., NCAC II

  • Sabina Pello
    March 1, 2017

    I appreciate your kindly and professional level SERVICE very much, Dear Sandy!

    Compare to other my attempts to book the ticket today -- yours is outstandimg in many ways-peaceful talking , gentle manner, compehensive info w/ NO bla-bla- and waisting of time . And thank you also for finding the appropriate time flight and w/ modest price.
    This is very rare now when majority of your agents are so boring-- a watrrshades of talking w/ no results .

    I wish you having success in your work and life ! Hope to encounter to your service in future ! Stay well,

    Satisfied customer,

    Sabina Pello, PhD .

  • Adama Bangura
    March 1, 2017

    Your call was awesome. You answered all my questions. Even your tone of voice was good I really appreciate your help with me this morning. I recommend you Paxton to travelers. Once more thank you for helping me today.

  • Carlos M. Herrera
    April 30, 2017

    Hi Amira,

    I'm just want To Congratuled Steve for te Excellent and Professional Services that he Provided to make my airline reservations.

    Carlos M. Herrera

  • Fox, Jerry G
    April 28, 2017

    Thank you for your assistance. You were very patient and helpful in answering my questions and getting our seat assignments.


  • Miriam Rodriguez
    April 27, 2017

    Saludos Sr. Franco Iglesia, mi nombre es Miriam Rodriguez desde Puerto Rico y usted me ayudo para consegui unos boletos de avion para California , lo cual viaje el 10 de abril hasta el 15 de abril. No tuve ningun inconveniente, se lo agradezco. Tengo ahora necesidad de conseguir boletos para Cancun Mexico, lo llamo y no me quieren pasar con usted , dicen usted esta ocupado, pero usted me dijo lo llamara, por esta razon me atrevo a escrbirle.

    Voy a Cancun, Mexico el 21 de junio hasta el 27 de junio, ya habia conseguido unas vuelos con Copa-vuelo 451 SJU6:08 am -escala en Panama y 113 Panama a Cancun9:53- 12:30 pm

    De regreso con Copa vuelo 114- Cancun-escala en Panam a las 1:37pm-4:10pm y vuelo 450 Panama 7:09pm - San Juan 11:01

    Puede usted conseguirme este mismo vuelo a un precio módico .

    Le agradezco, me puede escribir a mi correo rodmiriam@yahoo.com.

    Si usted prefiere yo llamar y cualquier persona que me atienda, me lo deja saber no hay problema

    Gracias espero por usted
    Miriam Rodriguez

  • The Salazar Family
    April 27, 2017

    To whom it may concern,

    Today our family lost a member and needed emergency tickets. With all the frustration and sadness Mr. Gabriel was beyond amazing. He was patient professional and sympathetic. He is truly an example of professionalism and great customer service. My family is grateful for his help and strongly wanted to let his superiors know. We would like to recommend a raise a higher position an award. Maybe he should be the one to train the rest of your staff on what customer service is about. Thank you for everything Mr. Gabriel.

    The Salazar Family

    April 27, 2017

    I am very happy with Ackley. He help me with all my requirements. I am hard of hearing but he repeated everything again and again. He did not get frustrated. He is very polite and very nice. He is wonderful and made it very easy for me.

  • Hannah Lodahl
    April 26, 2017

    Hi there!

    Bruce was extremely helpful in finding our ideal flight times and seats in a timely manner. He was extremely respectful and available when needed. It was a pleasure to work with him -- he really helped to take all the stress out of planning travel for our trip and answered any questions we had. Now we just have vacation to look forward to! Thanks for everything!!!


  • Patricia
    April 26, 2017

    I got an opportunity to speak to CCH Patricia she was overwhelmed with the services provided the Our customer service representative she said to pass on the biggest kudos to Eduardo, He is just awesome, Resolved all the queries she had, She also mentioned that Eduardo is very sweet,
    Helpful and Professional

  • Mr. Michael P. Waak LCSW
    April 25, 2017

    This email message comes to affirm the very helpful and polite treatment Travel Consultant, Austin Cooper,

    provided me during the booking of my airline ticket this morning on American Airlines departing from Newark, NJ, to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Mr. Cooper conveyed a welcoming attitude of helpfulness, and went above and beyond by answering my many questions concerning the details on boarding and carry-on luggage and other matters. I wish all travel help clerks could be as helpful and cheerful as he.

    Thank you,
    Mr. Michael P. Waak LCSW

  • Alison Marcovitz
    April 24, 2017

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I had a highly unusual request today to book my 92 year old legally blind father on a round trip, non-stop flight from LAX to Philadelphia airport that required not only detailed information on special services for the blind, but to see that he is attended to at both airports. John went the extra mile in suggesting flight insurance in case my father got sick that he might have to cancel. John also mailed my father's flight tickets to him. John deserves lots of Kudos for outstanding customer service as well as respecting the elderly disabled American seniors. This gentleman is an asset to your company.

  • Tracee Prysock
    April 21, 2017

    My experience with you, Vilfred, was amazing. I felt so list and confused about the help which I needed and you walked me patiently through the steps. You were very knowledgeable of your job and that is comforting to know that someone like you was there to help me. I finally was able to book my grandson on a flight with me. For your help with it I am so very grateful. God bless you and thanks so much for your patience and kindness. I hope your superiors acknowledge you for your greatness.

  • Tonya Deas
    April 20, 2017

    Thanks for all support and kinds words. You went over board to make sure all my questions were answerd. Booking flights isn't easy for everyone. I truly appreciate your help.

  • Gaikwad, Amos S.
    April 20, 2017

    Dear Nisa,

    Thank you for assisting me to figure out that Jet Airways and KLM operate together…
    Your cooperation is highly appreciated.
    Keep up the good work

  • Joseph mwangi
    April 19, 2017

    To whom it may concern

    I am very pleased by the services I received from Eduardo, his professionalism is far above average. I have always been made to feel like I am asking too much every time I go hunting for tickets, but today I found one that has all the patience. I have never bought travelling insurance before but his approach and willingness to see that all is well on my trip caused me to give in. We need more like him. I can now say I know one who can take care of my travels. Thanks for masking my evening.

  • Jian Yang
    April 19, 2017

    Hello, Ruskin

    I would like to express my appreciation for your outstanding customer service which I had received this morning.
    You provided me timely and excellent support regarding my travel airfare that I purchased.
    You were extremely attentive and listened to all my questions and help me to select the seats that I prefer.
    Your service is speedy and efficient.

    Thank you very much for your help and have a wonderful day!

    Jian H Chen

  • Leslie Bashaw
    April 19, 2017

    Just want to say thank you for very nice help tonight from Roman. You were so pleasant, not rushed, and answered all my questions in a courteous, kind manner. ***** (5 stars!)

  • Suzanne Schultz
    April 19, 2017

    Hi Addison,

    The seats are fine. Thank you for your excellent assistance in obtaining the flight and tickets for us. i apologize for questioning the integrity of the company.
    This was the first time I used your company and am very pleased. Your Supervisor and yourself were very professional and accommodating.

    Thanks again
    Suzanne Schultz

  • Aileen McGuinness
    April 19, 2017

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I wish to say a huge thank you for the work Wayne Foster and Dylan Johnson put in on my behalf trying to solve a problem on behalf.

    Last year I had a flight booked but had to cancel it and received a credit for same.

    On trying to to book a fight this year it was not so easy to complete the book and I dealt with many employees of traveler help desk but they could not get to finalise the booking. So I would have to ring again and again.

    Eventually I got to speak to Dylan Johnson who was extremely courteous and helpful and did his best to solve same but there was some hitch that stopped the booking so I then got to speak to Wayne Foster who assured me that the problem would be solved. Wayne assured me that his job was to keep the customer happy and that he would sort it all out. He remained calm, professional and courteous each and every time I called, mailed.

    At this stage, I was quite mad and not a bit calm.

    Buy Wayne reassured me that the booking would be finalised in time for me to use the credit. He went over and above his daily job, and kept on until he found out what was wrong with applying the credit. He dealt with the airlines and solved it and booked and confirmed my flights.

    You are very lucky to have these 2 men working for your company. Because of the way they dealt with me, listened and followed through I would be more than happy to use your company again and will recommend it to my friends.

    Other employees would do well if they did half as much as Dylan and Wayne, they are extremely professional and they listen to the customer properly and figure out what has gone wrong. If not able to fix same, tell the customer what is going on - communication is very important and I cannot emphasize how these 2 calmed me down, figured out what needed to be done and kept me updated.

    I had a great trip thanks to them and wish them every success in their future and hope they get recognized for all their good work as they certainly had to do a lot of work for my booking.

    They are a real asset to your company (and it took quite a few calls before I got to speak to them, so please appreciate how sincere my thanks are).

    Best wishes.

    Aileen McGuinness

  • Shelagh Klavir
    April 18, 2017

    Hello Paxton,

    I want to thank you for all your help with this reservation.

    I have had a problem with one of my credit cards as someone else seems to have used it. I do not know what strings you had to pull but you got me approved and I can now make my plans. Thanks again for all you hard work. I really appreciate it.

    Shelagh Klavir

  • Brent Pries
    April 18, 2017

    I am writing this email to comment on the service I received from Customer Service Representative Paxton. It was a great pleasure dealing with Paxton. He was consistently polite and very helpful. I was a little uncertain of my travel plans at first and he was very patient with me and never exhibited the slightest impatience. His service was impeccable. I travel quite a bit and will use your service for my future flight needs because of Paxtons' excellent customer service. Also, I was unable to get a cheaper price anywhere else that I looked.

    Thank you very much.
    Brent Pries

  • Erin Keefe
    April 16, 2017

    Eduardo was a terrific help to me. He was understanding of my needs, was able to quickly answer my questions and assisted with getting the flight information i needed sent to me via email. I appreciate Eduardo's assistance.

    Thank you, Erin Keefe

  • Tina
    April 16, 2017


    Thank you for your assistance , sending me my detailed e-ticket and explaining all the benefits of travel insurance to me. I appericate the above and beyond customer service.


  • Seema and Barkat
    April 14, 2017

    Thank you Roderick for an excellent service.

    Look forward to doing more business with you in future. 🙂

    Seema and Barkat

  • Jessica guerra
    April 14, 2017

    Thank you so much for your patience and canceling my fight for April 24-30th and keeping my exciting flight departing on the 24th. You where very understanding a polite. I will defiantly use smartfares again!

  • Allyson Cannon
    April 13, 2017


    I thank you so much for your help in getting my seat assignments. You are very professional, and patient. I would certainly use your services again


  • Joan Stockton
    April 11, 2017

    Selina was extremely helpful with my flight confirmation and seating choices today (4-12-17). The was information, professional and thorough. I appreciate her patience.

    Joan Stockton

  • Fahim Hashemi
    April 11, 2017

    Vilfred did an absolutely amazing job helping me with a very difficult and complicated route. He always kept me calm and put my mind at ease about the whole journey and procedure. I believe Vilfred should get a good raise. He's a great person professionally and I got to know him a little bit more personally and he's amazing all around.

    Fahim Hashemi

  • Justin Storey
    April 11, 2017

    Ruskin thank you so much for your outstanding help.

    Thanks to you I had a great experience!
    Justin Storey

  • Arlene Borromeo
    April 11, 2017

    Dear Romen... Please give this email to your supervisor as I want them to know how patient you were with me when I needed helping conforming a United flight from Chicago to Boston...

    You deserve praise for your good work! Thank you again!
    Arlene Borromeo

  • Shanna Locklear
    April 11, 2017

    Thank you so much for your help! 5 Likes for your assistance.

  • Muna Jaffal
    April 10, 2017

    dear Paxton

    thank you for your help
    you answer all my questions and you where very nice and polite also you took the extra step to help me
    i thank and wish you good luck

  • Sharon Hill
    April 9, 2017

    Sedrick was very polite on call,very professional. Due to his service and sales skills , she will continue booking with us and will recommend others as well.

  • Muna Fazlioski
    April 5, 2017

    Thank you for all your help and going up and beyond for me. Thank you for your help you answered all my questions. you are so kind and I really appreciate every thing did for me God bless you. MUNEVERA FAZLIOSKI

  • Marisa
    April 5, 2017

    Dear Mr. Ruskin,

    Thank you so much for answering my questions and for providing me with an updated itinerary for my flight information.

    You were very helpful and precise. Thank you for indicating how important the email you sent me really is. I appreciate all the information you gave me. Once again Thank you.

    God Bless You

  • Angela Bishop
    April 5, 2017

    I just was helped by one of your very BEST agents. This response was not solicited. When I told him how appreciative I was of his help he said that a comment would help others not to make the same mistake which was made with me initially. His thought was for others. A very easy mistake, but nonetheless it got me to call and get the help of Ruskin. He went out of his way to make things right for me. I so greatly appreciate his help. You have to be proud of him. He even was able to sell me flight insurance which he noticed hat I did not have. I had to let you know of his good works.

    Way to go Ruskin. Keep up the good works.

    One very appreciative customer.

    Angela Bishop.

  • Rosie Palmer
    April 5, 2017

    I would like to thank Romen his service was very excellent to me he help me a lot and I appreciate him. Great job Romen we need more customer service people like yourself, very helpful.

    April 5, 2017

    Hi Romen,

    Thanks for your assistance, you have been very helpful in resolving my baggage payment for my upcoming family vacation. I've spent over an hour trying to get a Spirit airlines representative to no avail, however you were able to get this done and I,m satisfied with you service.

  • Raph ogunyemi
    April 5, 2017

    Paxton has been very helpful with the questions I had about my travelling itinerary. I would recommend his services,

    thank you and really appreciate.

  • Debbra J. Cymbal
    April 5, 2017

    Thank you for all of your help at Travelers Help Desk, Eduardo has taken his time to assist in making this arrangement for me, and my two daughters. They were so helpful and patience with me. Thank you Thank you. Please see that these fellows get recognized for all of their efforts. I will to be sure to tell all of my friends and neighbors of this agency.

    Once again, thank you.
    Debbra J. Cymbal

  • Kimberly St Germain
    April 4, 2017

    To Whom it may concern,

    I asked Huxley to please forward these comments to his supervisor. I just had to make a change to a previous booking using your service. It had been a stressful time

    trying to think of my best options, cancelling or changing and realizing the extra cost involved. I wanted to commend Huxley for his patience and kindness in helping me deal with my situation. I am so glad I got him on the line as he really was sincere in his efforts to help me and I appreciate his service so much! It was excellent and your organization is blessed to have someone like Huxley helping your clients! Bravo!

  • Geneva Jones
    April 3, 2017

    Eduardo was very patient and kind with me as I do not travel often. And this is my first time using Traveler Help Desk.
    His voice was very clear and I did not have to ask him to repeat as I have had to do with others.
    Also, the line was clear.. He gave good service.
    I was trying to book my seat for my flight April 6 and April 11th.
    He did try to find a seat for me and then he told me I would have to go to American Airlines website with code JFLKCS and book a seat.

  • Rafiat Oseni
    April 3, 2017

    Paxton has been very helpful with the questions I had about my travelling itinerary. I would recommend his services, thank you and really appreciate. Rafiat Oseni

  • Michael Charles Lauren
    April 2, 2017

    To Whom It May Concern

    Travel Consultant Adam was very professional and helpful in successfully solving my problem. He was calm and very clear when asking for my information.
    He was also very patient when I didn't understand what he needed from me. I hope all your staff is as efficient as he was. Thank you Adam for a job well done.

    Michael Charles Lauren

  • Debbra J. Cymbal
    April 2, 2017

    Thank you for all of your help at Travelers Help Desk, Eduardo has taken his time to assist in making this arrangement for me, and my two daughters. They were so helpful and patience with me. Thank you Thank you. Please see that these fellows get recognized for all of their efforts. I will to be sure to tell all of my friends and neighbors of this agency.

    Once again, thank you.
    Debbra J. Cymbal

    April 2, 2017

    She Booked a flight for kids. Agent was patient. He listened to her very carefully. She is getting in 7 days but she was very sad as all her work is messed up. Agent is very professional and helped her a lot. He is trained very well and is a valuable resource of the company.

  • Mrs. Shirley
    May 31, 2017

    Had a chance to speak With Mrs. Shirley as she was very happy with the customer service that Anastasia provided.
    She also said that she will be recommending our company and Anastasia to her friend and will always call and ask for Anastasia
    She also said Anastasia had a very lovely and pleasing voice.

  • Freddy Stubblefield
    May 31, 2017

    Thanks Romen for all your help, I really appreciate customer service and for taking the time meet my needs. Once again thanks and look forward to doing business in the future.

  • Bonnie Albert
    May 31, 2017

    Thank you for your help today when I called about my reservation.You were able to solve my problem and you did it cheerfully .I appreciate your helpful attitude.

  • Beth Kendall
    May 31, 2017

    I hope I figured this out correctly. My computer wouldn't print on the page that will be my ticket, but another person at Travelerhelpdesk told me what to do. So I hope this works all right. You have been very, VERY helpful, and I thank you very much. I hope your supervisor will give you a good raise $: you've earned i!

  • Jane Guerra
    May 30, 2017

    Nisa was very kind and courteous to me while we were on the phone,and answered all my concerns and questions about my upcoming flight. She also offered me some insurance for the flight and was not pushy. She is a nice person and you are very lucky to have her as an employee.

  • Lei Mulipola
    May 30, 2017


  • LZ
    May 29, 2017

    Jessica is very attentive to my request on getting the e-ticket number and confirmation of the booking. While I was on hold of the call for a couple minutes, she sent me the e-mail with all the travel info. Later, she saw that I was not assigned seats and offered the assistance to do so. Good customer care and service. Thanks!

  • Carlitos Ortiz
    May 29, 2017

    That was a great customer service I am so happy for that thank you so much to change everything that I need to be done

  • Amber frantz.
    May 29, 2017

    Dear Anastasia,
    I'd like to say thank you so much for making this an easy transaction for me. You were so kind and helpful and I really feel so assured when I have sent emails and received almost instant reply.
    I'm very greatful for your help and friendly service. I was hoping I could tell your manager that thanks to you I will be recommending all my friends and family to book their flights with through your agency!
    Thank you again for an easy and pleasant experience,
    Kind regards,

  • Gabriella Borbas
    May 28, 2017

    Dear Jessica,
    I am really satisfied with your professional assistance. I particularly appreciate that you so promptly did send to me my Electronic ticket and you were so kind and patient while talking to me. If the agreed price is the same as I was told I will definitely recommend you and your company to my friends.
    I wish Smarfares had even more so competent employees like you Jessica.Thank you again very much.

  • Mary Wade
    May 28, 2017

    Vilfred, Thanks so much for your help in confirming our flight and seat assignments. You were very helpful and provided excellent service.

  • Nancy J. Rockey
    May 28, 2017

    It was a pleasure speaking with you today. Helping me with a change in our seating arrangements for our flight is very helpful. You answered all my questions in a very professional manner. In today's world, it is so refreshing to speak with someone with excellent interpersonal skills.

  • James Bonome
    May 28, 2017

    Hi My name is James Bonome. I used Justfly.com for the first time on some flights. And I would like you to know everyone I spoke with was very helpul. I do plan on using your service again. And would highly recommend it to my family and friends. Thank you for your hard work.

  • Anya
    May 26, 2017

    Thank you for your assistance Gerrard! Your customer service was greatly appreciated and I was so glad that the tickets didn't change in price. Travelling is expensive and I appreciate a good dea

  • Dolores Zaremba
    May 25, 2017

    I wish to compliment your firm for the admirable, efficient and knowledgeable employ Jessica. I am a very old person, she was so patient it was wonderful working with her. A great asset to your firm. Regards -

  • Lisa Troeder
    May 24, 2017

    Adam, Thank you so much for understanding my concern and making things roll along smoothly. I really appreciate the time you took to alleviate my concerns, making my trip that much more enjoyable.

  • Connie C. Triggiano
    May 24, 2017

    Thank you, Jessica, for the wonderful assistance you gave me and for resolving the rather complicated issue on my California trip next month. You promised me that you'd handle this matter to my satisfaction and you did !!!! Thank you very much. You are awesome!!

  • Hilarie Auguste
    May 24, 2017

    thank,you so much for all the help you give me it was kindly appreciated you took your time to explain every thing to me about my travel plan and that I am grateful for it was nice doing business with you thanks again

  • jerrie nicholson
    May 24, 2017

    Metric, Thank you so much for being so helpful in getting my confirmation numbers on United and Lufthansa airlines. Thank you for the prompt email in confirming those numbers. I appreciate your patience since I am hard of hearing.

    Best regards,
    Jerrie Nicholson

  • D. Stripe
    May 22, 2017

    Today I had the pleasure of having Nixon assist me with a complicated flight booking. Within a very short period of time, he was able to answer all of my questions, book my flights according to what was good for me in terms of departure times, provide quotes and explained various options to me.
    This gentleman was truly very gifted with customer service and I hope I have the good fortune to utilize his services again in the near future.

  • Derla
    May 22, 2017

    Good morning Vilfred: Thank you very much for clarifying my booking statement. The miscellaneous statement was very confusing and frightening. Your new email is clear and confirms my wishes. Have a blessed day

  • Dave Borden
    May 21, 2017

    Upon contacting your service for rev# N2C9T5 I have talked to several agents and have been very satisfied with their experience. Lesly was most helpful in finishing up on my travel plans thank you

  • Janet
    May 21, 2017

    Thank you for you're help today. You were very polite and well mannered. Great sign of customer service. I will definitely use your service again in future.
    Once again thank you for you help!

  • peide yao
    May 19, 2017

    Hi Lesly
    Thank you for giving me a perfect service. Your work is very professional, and I am very satisfied with it, good luck to your , hope you have a nice day .

  • Dr Kodiath
    May 18, 2017

    I want to give an evaluation for Jessica's services for me as a customer. She did an excellent job in clarifying all my questions. She took time in collecting all the required data for me. I continue to use your companies services always.

  • Rolanda S Craig
    May 17, 2017

    Adam was such a big help. I'm older and sometimes have trouble navigating around my email. Not to mention, I have extremely bad vision. He highlighted the important details in red for me. Now that's what I call great customer service. Keep up the great work.

  • David Chen
    May 17, 2017

    Dear Ruskin: I am deeply appreciated your help in resolving my airline booking problem.You are very professional, patient and kind to help me solving the issue which incurred during my booking.
    Thank you very much!

  • Lori Riley
    May 16, 2017

    The rep was very helpful in setting up this trip>He was patient, I really appreciate thank you very much.

  • Wanda Preuss
    May 16, 2017

    I just want to compliment Adam on his help this evening. He was very helpful in making my seat assignments for my airline and providing me with my trip confirmation information. I especially appreciate him waiting until I received the email from him confirming all the information I was given.
    Thank you, he was extremely helpful and courteous,

  • Heloisa Grimwood
    May 16, 2017

    Thank you very much for taking the time to fix the problem with my reservation. Your hard work was greatly appreciated.

  • Gerry Taylor
    May 16, 2017

    Ruskin did a GREAT job answering all my questions on my upcoming trip to Reno Nevada. He is very knowledgeable and took care of all my needs. I enjoyed working with him and will use your company in the future.

    Sincerely, Gerald Taylor

  • Jane Shurrush
    May 16, 2017

    Dear Sir or Madam, I spoke to Paxton the other day to check on my flight reservations. He was patient, kind and very helpful. He went above and beyond to try and answer my request. He also sent updated information with changes so I felt reassured everything was in order.

    Good to have people like him when you're dealing with an incompetent company like El Al!

    I had called to try and reserve seats for a flight reserved through American Airlines with 2 flights operated by El Al. Unfortunately the only way to reserve seats is to call El al and I have tried several times and been put on hold for over half an hour. I am still trying!

    If there is anything you can do to help I would appreciate that.

    Thank you,

  • Petar Radanliev
    May 16, 2017

    Dear Metric

    Thank you very much. This is excellent. Very good service from your part, I can rest assured now that I have the electronic ticket.
    Have a good weekend and all the best.

  • Robert D. Thomason
    May 16, 2017

    Thank you very much for your assistance. I had lost my return ticket to Kiev, Ukraine. Even with my hearing loss which I informed you of we used the Phonetic alphabet to clarify each Alpha character that was necessary. I would prefer you to be my flight agent from now on if possible.

    You were beyond excellent all the way to outstanding in your assistance to me.
    With my hearing loss from the Vietnam war each word has to be enunciated clearly and at a slower pace than what some individuals are accustomed to using.

    Thank you very much for your assistance and cheerful attitude with me. I would recommend you to anyone and everyone for their needs.
    Robert D. Thomason

  • Loy Abundo
    May 15, 2017

    Im overwhelmed with the way ruskin help me through out the conversation, he was very helpful and even ask me if I'm looking for a hotel or car rental which unfortunately car rental prices are a bit high. Ruskin customer service skills is amazing!!! keep it up!!

  • Christine Leopard
    May 15, 2017

    Dear Selina, Thank you so much for all your time &help in changing our flight nightmare back to its "almost" original state.

    We appreciate your patience &efforts to go above &beyond to get the job done!
    Bless you my dear,

    PS Please let Salton know how very much we appreciate him too. His patience are a treasure!

  • Nazrul Shaheed
    May 14, 2017

    Dear Concern,
    I really appreciate the agent representative who was on phone with me around 20 minutes this evening and tried her best to help me in all respect upto my optimum satisfaction.

    With all the best,

  • George Vandeyar
    May 14, 2017

    I want to report a wonderful experience I had today with Lesly of your travelerhelpdesk, she is the most courteous, patient, and helpful person I have encountered in ages and should be commended for promoting your business which I will not hesitate to use in the future.

  • Emma Felix
    May 13, 2017

    Dear Lesly,
    I have received all the details to our flights. Thank you for helping me. It was a good experience to deal with you. You are efficient, patient, and courteous. Again thank you and keep up the good work. Wishing much success in your career.

  • Carolyn R Lombardo
    May 13, 2017

    It was such a pleasure to have you helping me with my travel this morning
    I really appreciate your discovering that my birthdate was listed incorrectly and you honest advice regarding the travel insurance. Your a refreshing pleasure to deal with Thank You

  • Andy Lippa
    May 12, 2017

    Thank you for handling the billing discrepancy on our tickets to Chicago. You handled it professionally and quickly. We look forward to seeing the refund within 7 to 10 days per your directions.


  • Sonia Nestor
    May 12, 2017

    Ashley you was wonderful to talk to and so polite and very helpful I've never had anyone help me the way you did I hope you have many wonderful days thank you so very much your's truly.

  • Julianne
    May 11, 2017

    I want to thank Eduardo for his help with my travel flight to Washington. He was very polite and understanding of what I needed. He has been very helpful and did not keep me on hold for no longer than about two minutes. He explained everything in detail where I could understand what I need. I will contact him again in the future. Thank you Eduardo!!!!

  • Dr. Susanne Caviness
    May 11, 2017

    I was pleased to have you help me with my travel plans.. You were very polite, professional and took care of my problem very quickly. I would highly recommend "Travel Desk" to my colleagues.

    This experience with your company has been superior to all the experiences I have had with other discount travel companies. In the future, I will be sure to only call on you for my travel plans. The only improvement I would suggest is to advertise more. I only discovered your services by accident when I was looking for travel companies. . Your service has been outstanding. Thank you for making my travel planning more enjoyable.

  • Anastasia. S. Kakkavas
    May 11, 2017

    Just wanted to say that I received wonderful customer care from Romen today with my travel plans.
    He was very patient and tried his best to accommodate my time travel plans since I needed to connect to another destination from Athens to Rhodes Island in Greece. He searched for about 20 minutes to find me the shortest time and best price for the connecting flight to RHO He also gave me some helpful tips and provided information on how airlines handle certain situations.

    I will use Smartfares again.

    Thanks again Romen

  • Robert D. Thomason
    May 11, 2017

    Thank you very much for your assistance. I had lost my return ticket to Kiev, Ukraine. Even with my hearing loss which I informed you of we used the Phonetic alphabet to clarify each Alpha character that was necessary. I would prefer you to be my flight agent from now on if possible.
    You were beyond excellent all the way to outstanding in your assistance to me.
    With my hearing loss from the Vietnam war each word has to be enunciated clearly and at a slower pace than what some individuals are accustomed to using. Thank you very much for your assistance and cheerful attitude with me. I would recommend you to anyone and everyone for their needs.

  • Mr Farrell
    May 11, 2017

    Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. It has been almost 30 years since I've flown, and you helped me make it easier than I thought was possible. I really appreciate the time of a great employee!! You definitely set the bar! I can't wait to continue my future travel plans with you! Sincerely, Jason Farrell.

  • Morgan
    May 08, 2017

    Vilfred, thank you so much for confirming my upcoming travel information and sending a detailed email. You are very kind and I appreciate all your help today.

  • Susan Graziano
    May 08, 2017

    Thank you so much for your help. You are an exceptional, helpful and professional agent and I really appreciate all of your knowledge and that you are so pleasant.

    Thank you,

  • Jay Sandul
    May 08, 2017

    Thanks Adam for the complete and fantastic service. You have exceeded expectations!!
    Thanks again

  • Cynthia Collins
    May 07, 2017

    I want to thank you very much for employing Ross. He was very patient and thorough with me as I booked a rather complicated flight. He was very knowledgeable, courteous, and helpful. I highly recommend him for any customer service awards that you have available. Sincerely, Rev.

  • Claudia Gaytan
    May 07, 2017

    Thank you for your help.
    I had called your company 2 times concerning my ticket and booking but was not getting satisfactory answers until I got you. Your explanation in a calm professional manner the willingness to go the extra mile to make sure that all my questions and concerns are taken care of is beyond description. THANK YOU VERY MUCH LESLY.

    I do not know what to do to show you my appreciation since we are in different countries though neighbours but if you could do me one more favour; please forward this e-mail to your supervisor and manager so they can know my appreciation and how an asset you are to their company.

  • Mehreteab Araya
    May 07, 2017

    Hello Brett,
    Just trying to say thank you so much for your help and patience. You are so wonderful listener.
    I am really satisfied with your excellent customer services and advises.
    Mehreteab Araya

  • Elizabeth
    May 06, 2017

    Sarah was very patient, knowledgeable and very courteous. Though customer is not aware of it but she is extending her shift.

  • Claudia Gaytan
    May 06, 2017

    Thank you for your help.
    I had called your company 2 times concerning my ticket and booking but was not getting satisfactory answers until I got you. Your explanation in a calm professional manner the willingness to go the extra mile to make sure that all my questions and concerns are taken care of is beyond description. THANK YOU VERY MUCH LESLY.

    I do not know what to do to show you my appreciation since we are in different countries though neighbours but if you could do me one more favour; please forward this e-mail to your supervisor and manager so they can know my appreciation and how an asset you are to their company.

  • Sharon A. Love
    May 04, 2017

    Hello Lesly,
    Thank you for patiently assisting me with our future airline flight arrangements leaving from Orlando, Florida and arriving in Washington D.C. on June 29, 2017. Your expertise in providing me with updated information on flight times and overall, confirming my reservation is greatly appreciated. Also, thank you for encouraging us to purchase an affordable flight cancellation insurance, just in case of emergencies. I wish you much success with your career as a Customer Service Executive or other careers you may attempt in the future.
    With Great Appreciation,
    Sharon A. Love, Customer Confirmation #5U9XQZ

  • Nell Williams
    May 04, 2017

    Thank you very much for your assistance, Paxton, for sending me the flight information, including the ticket number and the flight insurance. It was a pleasure working with you. Nell Williams

  • Martha Levering
    May 04, 2017

    Thank you for your excellent help today.You did a great job taking care of my date of birth misinformation.I appreciate it a lot. Take care,

  • Amelia Dawson
    May 04, 2017

    Thanks so much Ruskin for all of yours help that was very much needed and appreciated you was very patient and helpful and I thank you for that have a pleasant day from Amelia Dawson

  • Eugene
    May 04, 2017

    Kade is very patience and helped me with my travel plans. He provided a great customer service and will definitely book the reservation with Smartfares again.

  • Donna Fitzpatrick
    May 03, 2017

    Hi Arthur
    I wanted to write and thank you for all your help today in finding an affordable ticket from Augusta, GA to Boston. You were the only person who returned my phone call today. I'd previously talked to 12 different companies from Flighthub, Exploretrip, etc. and directly with Delta, American, United, etc. and you were the only person who called back when they said they would. Never heard from the airlines either.You understood my urgency about getting to Boston to see my brother who was fast encroaching into end stage Alzheimers and I didn't have much flexibility as I have younger kids and teens here that I cannot leave unattended. So thank you very much for your continued research in finding me the best price affordable for me, and for all your help and compassion today. I appreciate your understanding and the extra effort to help me.It seems a rare commodity today to find such a great individual who is truly willing to help and follow up on his word. You are a gem of an employee and if there is any survey or recommendation that I can fill out to rave about how well you did your job and went over and above the usual to help me get to my brother.I very much appreciated your return call, so you'll know at least that you're the best out of any of the 12 companies and airlines, that did not even return an inquiry. Kudos to you Arthur!!If I book another flight in the future I will be giving you a call first. Thanks again and take care and God Bless,

  • Londa Everett
    May 03, 2017

    Thank you very much, Eduardo, for all of your help this evening. You are the fourth person I spoke with today and the only one to send complete details regarding our trip. You also provided the Record Locator number required by American Airlines to check on our flight with American Airlines, which is very important. You answered all my questions in a professional and courteous manner and were very patient with me, making certain that I received all the information I needed. You were never rude or abrupt, but happy to help me. I appreciate your assistance very much. Thank you for giving me your extension number so I can talk to you again if necessary. That is most helpful. Thank you for doing an outstanding job! Londa Everett

    May 03, 2017


  • Vannessa Weingart
    May 03, 2017

    Dear Romen,
    Thank you for your excellent customer service and diligence in helping us get a refund for the change fees for this flight. Due to unforeseen circumstances we had to postpone our trip but look forward to using your services in the future. We appreciate the time you took in helping us in this matter. You went above the normal expectations of customer service and have won over customers that will continue to use your services in the future.
    Thanks again for your help!

    Vannessa Weingart

  • cherilyn christian
    May 03, 2017

    To whom it may concern, Lesly have been a great help to me, her
    Services are excellent and because of that I will recommend friends and family to purchase Tickets from your company.

  • Gregory Thomas
    May 03, 2017


    May 03, 2017

    Adam was very helpful when I called regarding boarding tickets. He was also very polite and patient.

  • Marlena Ostrowski,
    May 03, 2017

    Hi, Adam! I would like to thank you for your excellent service regarding my friend, Marlena Ostrowski reservation. Your professional voice, your knowledge, your interest of my case is noted as a excellent service that you give, and it's saying a lot about your company. Keep good work!!! Again, thank a lot. I hope, that your service to customers will be recognized by your management. Wally Z Baumac, friend of Marlena Ostrowski

  • Daniel Brizard
    May 02, 2017

    I can say that Eduardo was very polite with me. He knows how to help customers . i appreciate his service and i count refer some friend to this company to buy any tickets soon.

    thank you so much
    Eduardo Brizard

  • Caroline
    June 30,2017

    Thank you so much for your assistance and you were extremely helpful, I really appreciate your assistance. Once again thanks for your help explaining the trip insurance.

  • Helen Varner
    June 30,2017

    Jessica thank you for getting my refund. We both spent a great deal of time and effort in doing so. I appreciate your understanding.

  • Niranjana Trivedi
    June 30,2017


    This is Niranjana Trivedi booking ref no 0BWDJ booking agent name is Hardy , he had booked my tkt..

    I can write a recommendation for him..... He is such a respectable person, work with down to earth and very good loyalty

    I can tell he has ability to customer. including talking with customer very respectably .. Company has to be proud of him to have this best employee.

  • Doris Barnes
    June 30,2017

    Thank you for your help today Callie! You've been wonderfully helpful and we will be using your services again. Well done!

  • Tom
    June 29,2017

    To her boss, She was very helpful and she answerable my questions. Thanks for the great service.

  • K
    June 29,2017

    Dear travelerhelpdesk Manager I just want let you know I have a opportunity to talk with Scarlett your associate, she's a wonderful person she help me out a lot. Thank you

  • Evelyn Kelle
    June 28,2017

    Thanks Amanda.

    Your service today was outstanding.

    I appreciate your friendly manner and efficient way of providing me with the information.

    I will definitely recommend your service.

  • Una Shelton
    June 26,2017

    Thank you very much!

    You were most helpful in providing updates on flights and seat assignments in a professional manner.

  • Mary A Tillman
    June 26,2017

    Thank you very much.. Callie was very patient, solved all my questions. It was a pleasure to work with her today

  • Glorie
    June 26,2017

    Good people like you are a fleeting reminder that God does exist.

    Thanks for your kindness. If the whole world was strewn with kind people like you, reasons for violence and anarchy would be very few. If everyone tried hard to be responsible and kind, an eye for an eye wouldn't make the world blind.

    Thank you for being the epitome of a good human being. Once again thank you for all of your help with my grandson travel. Have a blessed and rewarding day.

  • Brian Williamson
    June 26,2017

    To whom it may concern,

    I just had the most outstanding service from your representative Vilfred and I would highly recommend you guys to anybody. I look forward to booking my next travel with you guys and if I need anything else I'm gonna call back in specifically asked for Vilfred,if he's on duty.

    Thanking you all

  • Mayra
    June 26,2017

    Thank you! Vilfred i was worried about the tickets that we purchased and got to know the Card was declined . You provided me the instant help and ensured the ticket is confirmed . You were great and efficient.

    Thanks once again for you kind support .Have a great day ahead!!

  • ellen uebersetzig
    June 26,2017

    Brett You were great. I am hard of hearing and I could understand everything you were saying. WORDS TO THINK ABOUT: A blond got 8 out of 10 on her driver's- the other two guys managed to jump out of her way. Women spend more time wondering what men are thinking then men spend thinking. I find it ironic that the color red,white and blue stands for freedom-until they're flashing behind you. If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you. GOD BLESS TOM U

  • Marti Hudgins
    June 26,2017

    This experience was excellent. Rebel got me what I needed, and did so in a timely manner.

    Even after we got disconnected, he called me back to be sure that I had everything I needed. 5 stars!

    June 26,2017

    TO The travelhelpdesk Supper Mr Ruskin and Mr Louis has help my wife and I book our flights to Cancun.

    The two of them are supper and,so so help full.

    I will tell all in my Church to book with you. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE HELP

  • Jerry Chip
    June 26,2017

    I want to express my extreme satisfaction with the service provided by the above person.

    She was very pleasant and helpful with regard to our problem.

  • Chandra
    June 24,2017

    Sarah was very patient, when Chandra called us she was very frustrated and even she raised her voice on Sarah.

    But as per her, Sarah did an excellent job and took care of every concern she had. Sarah gave an exceptional customer service.

    In addition to it, customer was a regular client of CHEAP O AIR but after getting such an excellent service from us she will book all her future trips with us.

  • Manuela Thompson
    June 23,2017

    I had questions regarding my pending trip to Milwaukee;

    I got on the phone with Lemont who went beyond normal service to resolve my questions and insecurities related to traveling.

    Thank you very much Lemont, I hope I can get in touch with you for my futures traveling needs.

  • yahiaoui
    June 23,2017

    Lemony ,

    Thank you so much for your help, advice, and mostly your your patient with me.

    You are a good customer service person. Again thanks you

  • Bobby Mitchell
    June 23,2017

    I rate my conversation and and travel plan consultation with Lamont in the highest category in which your company has standardized. My thanks to Him

  • Angelita&Farrell
    June 23,2017

    John did an excellent job providing us his service arranging our flight very easy and accommodating his time patiently.

    His skills and services to the public deserves to be recognize.

  • Gloria
    June 22,2017


    Thank you so very much for all of your help with my reservation.

    I truly appreciate it.Lesly was very professional and helpful in regards of all my questions regarding my reservation.

  • Jim Hidalgo
    June 22,2017

    Adam was very helpful.

    He was very polite and answered all my questions.

    He was very easy to speak with. Thanks!

  • Una Shelton
    June 22,2017

    Thank you very much! You were most helpful in providing updates on flights and seat assignments in a professional manner.

  • Chetaine
    June 22,2017

    Thank you so much for your service and responding to my questions and quality and experience.I'm so happy for the service

  • Padmavathi Narayana
    June 22,2017

    It was really a pleasure talking to you.

    You are very polite, helpful and take time to answer all the questions.

    I felt very pleased and happy by your way of response.

    I will definitely use your service in future.

  • Red Davila
    June 22,2017

    I want to thank Amanda for having so much patience with me...

    She was a wonderful help.

    Everyone else I spoke to on yesterday gave me nothing but bad attitude...

    She took the time iut to help without getting upset...

    Thnaks again Amanda

  • Rohina sadik
    June 22,2017

    Hello Amanda Thank you so much for all info about my flight I appreciate you service

  • suheidy urbaez
    June 22,2017

    Thank you so much for helping me with my issue in regards to my flight so quick..

    Very attentive and supportive..Excellent customer service

  • Diana White
    June 22,2017

    My experience today with Amanda with her assistance with helping me with mytwoflights to North Carolina and to Puerto Plata Dominican Republic was very great. representative was very helpful very patient and she knows her work, any future reservations I will contact Amanda

  • Gilson Barros
    June 22,2017

    You were very friendly and answered all my question so I could clarify everything.

    I felt safe talking to you because flight tickets are a serious matter.

    Thank you

  • Gonzalo
    June 22,2017

    Hi Callie thank you for the great service you have giving us, we appreciate very much we're very happy with your service thank you again.

  • Watkin
    June 22,2017

    Callie extreamly helpful in getting my seat assighment for me. very knowledgeable about her job.

    I recommend her for employee of the month

  • Christine
    June 22,2017


    Thank you for all your help.

    After thinking we booked a ticket to Paris for my wife we realized it wasn't booked.

    After discussing it with you, you were able to find us an alternative ticket at the same price.

    We were nervous as we thought the prices were going to increase by $500.00, but Callie was able to work with us and find an alternative so that my wife could celebrate her 50th birthday in Paris

  • Amanda
    June 21,2017


    My name is Amanda Mobley and I booked flights for my family vacation with Nixon.

    Nixon was very helpful and polite, and found the exact flights I was looking for.

    He took the time to contact the airlines and beat the price I saw from another airline site.

    I really appreciated his help, he was great to work with and would definitely recommend Nixon and this site to others!!

    Thank you again,

  • Lissa
    June 21,2017

    Hi Nisa,

    Thanks for your help.

    I really appreciate it.

    You are very professional and polite in dealing with me and very very patieant..

  • Suzanne Hunt
    June 20,1900

    Thanks for all your help in confirming my reservation.

    You are very nice and helpful!

  • Cheryl L Norton
    June 20,2017

    Thank you Nisa for all your help in updating and confirming our upcoming trip! Your attention to detail and your patience was so appreciated.

    Thank you again.

  • Linda D. Teague
    June 19,2017

    Thank you for your excellent customer service and your patience.

    Have not flown international before and you have were so helpful.

    Thank you and continued success

  • Hamid Kakavand
    June 19,2017

    Hi Metric,

    It was a pleasure to speak with you on the phone today.

    I like to say thank you for your help, prompt respond, and professionalism.

    Now, I can check my wife's itinerary and flight details on Etihad Airways web site with the reference number you provided.

  • Anthony Mannara
    June 19,2017


    Thank you for being so efficient and courteous in getting my eticket numbers.

    Your professionalism is truly appreciated. Sincerely,

  • Miriam Rosen
    June 19,2017

    Jessica really set my mind at ease.

    I was concerned that my booking hadn't gone through because I had an initial booking confirmation code that wasn't the correct one (we had canceled it immediately because of a problem with my card and then made another booking but I didn't have the code for it).

    I shared my name and information with Jessica and she was able to find the correct code and make sure for me that I was confirmed on my flight.

    She even talked me through the online system on the airline's site to see for myself that I was in fact confirmed.

    Thank you again!

  • Kiki Collins
    June 17,2017

    The service I received from Ruskin was excellent.

    He answered all of my questions and provided great customer service.

  • Kim White
    June 17,2017

    Glory was a big help.

    she was able to send me the seat assignment for your group and inform me to use what she sent me to check in with.

    Very professional and knowledgeable. Thank You

  • Mary A Tillman
    June 17,2017

    Thank you very much.. Callie was very patient, solved all my questions. It was a pleasure to work with her today

    June 17,2017

    Callie answered my questions and assisted me with a reservation that I had made yesterday with Christian. He was on the phone when I called back, so she said she would be happy to assist me. She was very polite and was very helpful

  • Meredith Becker
    June 16,2017

    Thank you Nisa - For your thorough assistance.

    I appreciate the time that you took to help and your effort to be professional and courteous.

  • Juan Mendez
    June 15,2017

    Saludos Javi !!

    He recivido el correo damdome detalles del itinerario de mi viaje.En estos momentos los estoy mirando y luego sacare una Copia para mi viaje.Ha sido una Suerte haber encontrado contigo pues pense que no podria ir a holguin.Te estoy muy agradecido y tu trabajo es muy Bueno!!

  • Katherine
    June 15,2017

    As per Katherine,

    Matias has given an excellent customer service.

    It was a very professional way he handled her call and concerns.

    She felt his personality without even seeing him for his good work. She is in such a phase where her husband passed away and she lives alone, but the way Matias took the call and made her smile in the entire call, she was amazingly happy and satisfied.

    June 15,2017

    Hello once again, and we promise not to keep flooding your inbox, but we were touched that you took the time to reply to us, wishing us well, and even expressing what is so dear to our hearts, the calling upon God to bless us! Thank you especially for that, and because we recognize Him as so integral in all we say and do, we also ask for His nearness and blessing upon you. May He be with you forever.

    Though in is likely we will never meet you in person we can discern how special you are, and we just say this one last time that you have been so kind.

  • Jocelyn Barrett
    June 15,2017


    Thank you soooo very much for your help booking my flight.

    You are very kind and helpful and I appreciate you working with me to get a lower price. Thank You for the $20 discount code and all of your hard work to book my fare.

    Wishing you much success and happiness! Take care! And I hope you get to fly somewhere fun for a vacation when you get some time off of work!

    Thanks again,

  • Asha
    June 13,2017

    It was a pleasure doing business with your friendly nature, providing required info, thou I had to shell more fir the ticket.

    You did everything in ur capacity I think to please your customer and I was pleased .

    All the best and definitely keep up the good work Asha

  • Manuel Portal
    June 13,2017

    Ms Glory was exceptionally kind to give me all the details that were necessary for my e-tickets It is nice to have contacts with such experienced representatives like her.

    June 13,2017

    Thank you Ms Nisa for the great help provided!

    I guess you are the exception to providing quality service.

    You were extremely helpful and hope you well in the near future. You are a good communicator.

  • Ms Elena
    June 13,2017

    Tyler was very Professional and has good Product knowledge.

    She also mentioned that Tyler is Gem for the company and he has made the complete process of the booking very smooth.

    She said she will recommended everyone to Tyler for the reservation.

  • Hagop Jack Beylerian
    June 12,2017

    MR.Metric ,was so helpful and kind, he reassured me with every question and problem i had,i couldn't be more satisfied .

    Now i have peace of mind with your company and will purchase my next vacation with you guys .

    Thank You For all your help.

  • Dave Schlagel
    June 12,2017

    Thanks for your helpfulness and thoroughness in handling my request tonight.

    I appreciate your identifying good seats and answering all my questions.

    Thanks also for sending an updated ticket listing showing the seat assignments.

    Trust you'll have a good evening.

    Thanks again for your help.

  • Grozko Stankov and Rayna Tchobanska
    June 12,2017

    This reply is to express my great satisfaction with the excellent service I received from Eduardo over the phone about my wife's online booking and airplane ticket.

    He answered all my questions clearly and very professionally.

    He also sent us right away an email with confirmation of the airplane ticket which we really appreciate.

    We will be happy to use your service again.

  • Mayra Garcia
    June 12,2017

    Thank you! Vilfred i was worried about the tickets that we purchased and got to know the Card was declined .

    You provided me the instant help and ensured the ticket is confirmed .

    You were great and efficient .

    Thanks once again for you kind support .

    Have a great day ahead!!

  • David Bitting
    June 11,2017

    Oscar….thanks so much again for ALL the personal attention to our travel dilemma.

    You have been incredible and we are so very appreciative for all the hard work and time spent coordinating with BA on our behalf.

    We only hope that we will get you on our next reservation! You must have spent over 6 hours on the phone between me and the airlines! Your work ethic and customer service are off the charts exemplary!

    Thanks again..I do have one more request..sorry!

    Could you send me all the updated itineries and BA reference #s for the flights so I can ensure we still have the kosher meals? Thanks again!

    All the best, David Bitting

  • Donna Knoch
    June 11,2017

    Hello Lemont,

    Thank you for taking care of the final details to my booking so efficiently, including seat assignments, it is greatly appreciated.

    I will use your services again in the fall,

  • Laura Mayoral
    June 11,2017

    To whom it may concern: This is to commend Metric for his great customer service provided to us. My name is Luz Maria Grimaldo and since Friday, June 9. 2017, we had been attempting numerous Times to receive our ticket confirmation via email and unsucessfull after several calls places since then. Today Sunday, June 11, 2017, Metric answered our call to the Travelers Help Desk and after a brief hold, he asked me to check my email and there it was, the confirmation. We had been calling and had trouble receiving it. He accomplished what other customer service reps were not able to after calling numerous Times and being placed on hold. He gave us value as customers and valued our time as we'll. I appreciate Metric for his great customer service skills and service. He is a great asset to your team and provides the service customers deserve. Metric deserves recognition for his Great Customer Service! Thank you for your undivided attention and reading my email. Best regards, Luz Maria Grimaldo

  • Judith Judge
    June 11,2017

    I was having trouble booking a flight and Jessica was a great help in solving my problem. She was so professional and courteous, I was lucky to have her help me. She is an asset to your company.

  • Donna Hughes Thies
    June 11,2017

    To whom it may concern: I made round trip reservations for my husband and me from San Diego to Madison, Wisconsin on May 9th with Jesse. He was extremely helpful with all my questions and patient with my indecision/uncertainties and even resolved a problem with differing flights for the return on June 28. Today I spoke with Adam regarding details of these reservations and had a number of questions about details. He answered all of these questions and provided me with essential additional information. He also had the courtesy to transfer me to United Airlines for additional questions only they could answer. Thank you.

  • james
    June 10,2017

    Nisa was very professional and very helpful with my booking problem. She explained in detail, with great patience, that my tickets are confirmed and how to get my seat assignments. she then email me all the ticket info I needed..

    June 10,2017

    Nisa was very helpful in providing professional service to me.

    I really loved the way she was patient and helpful, making sure I was satisfied with my travel needs.

  • Wayne
    June 10,2017

    Thank you for your assistance today.

    You answered all of my questions politely and in a professional manner!!!!

  • Janet Saxon
    June 10,2017

    This is to inform you that the travel agent, Ruskin, was a big help to me. He sent me my e ticket and explained how it worked.

  • Mario Salvador
    June 10,2017

    Thank you so much for your time and your assistance regarding our September 1, 2017 trip to Miami. You are such a great travel agent and for sure you are a great asset to the company. They got the right person on this job and I will highly recommend Smartfares and be asking for you regarding their booking needs..

    Again, thank you so much and I really appreciate your help and I will be looking forward to work with you on my future traveling.

  • Mrs Ida Dawson
    June 10,2017

    Thank you for informing me of the flight changes.

    You were very polite and concern about the security of the person you were speaking to.

    I appreciated you taking this extra measured to make sure, I was the right party.

    Thank you, for your great customer service.

  • Grant Mandigora
    June 10,2017

    I spoke with Vilfred today and he answered to all my questions.

    He also sent me the email with my tickets and explained everything very politely. He was very helpful in my quest for the details on UA website, even guided me how to go about doing online check-in, The steps on the website since I was unable to check the reservation with united airlines.

    Thanks for your assistance Vilfred!

  • Debbie Bonitz.
    June 10,2017

    I was very pleased at how my call was handled. Ruskin was very polite and he handled my problem very quickly and to my great satisfaction.

    I would use this service again and could only hope I would get Ruskin again.

  • efe iyomi
    June 10,2017

    Dear Nina,

    I hope this mail meets you well. The purpose of this letter is to formally and publicly commend Mr Lewis (Travel Consultant) for the excellent service he provided to me and my family while I was trying to secure a flight ticket. I had made a booking the previous day, but it was cancelled because after spend countless hours on the phone and sending series of emails, I was given the wrong information and process to follow by the staffs that picked my calls, hence this delay led to hike in the initial price I was expected to pay and as such I lost that booking. Feeling sad about the whole development, I called to pour out my displeasure but to my greatest surprise the person (Lewi) on the other side of the phone responded positively and showed great effort to assist me in getting another ticket. I have never before written a letter like this on an entirely unsolicited basis. However, in this case I was so impressed by the support and services provided by Mr.Lewi that I felt compelled to go on record with my praise. In an era where exceptional one-to-one customer service excellence has virtually disappeared from our industry, the work that Mr. Lewi did should be held up as an example for others to try to emulate. What particularly impressed me about the level of service provided by Mr. Lewi was that he was patient with me all the way and was more than happy to answer all my questions and to ensure I was satisfied with the services I was getting. In my opinion, the level of service that Mr. Lewi extended to me was far beyond my expectations and I wish to congratulate him for this great level of professionalism he has displayed.

    Thanking you in this regards, Efe Peter IYOMI

  • K Winchester
    June 08,2017

    Thank you for your help this evening with my reservation LJBBA6 You sent me travel documents.

    You were very kind and courteous.

  • Colonel Michael Vrosh USAF, (Ret)
    June 07,2017

    I just got off the phone with Glory of the Traveler Help Desk. She was very helpful in solving a lost confirmation e-mail for my upcoming trip to Alaska.

    Glory was most courteous, efficient, and effective in providing me the information I needed. Furthermore, her professionalism was above reproach in dealing with my problem.

    Please extend my gratitude to her and recognized her as a top performer.

    Thank you

  • Arouj Rizwan
    June 07,2017

    Nissa helped me out with my questions.

    She was very kind and helpful! Thank you!

  • Cheryl Elder
    June 07,2017

    Nisa was very efficient and knowledgeable.

    She assisted me with my current reservation and ensured I was notified of all of my options.

    I appreciate her professionalism and attention to detail. Job well done!

  • Deborah Varna
    June 07,2017

    Service was excellent and all questions where answered.

    Very pleased with your company and easy to get a hold of.

  • Grant Mandigora
    June 07,2017

    I spoke with Vilfred today and he answered to all my questions.

    He also sent me the email with my tickets and explained everything very politely.

    He was very helpful in my quest for the details on UA website, even guided me how to go about doing online check-in, The steps on the website since I was unable to check the reservation with united airlines.

  • John Aranep
    June 07,2017

    I am so grateful for Lemont's help in getting my tickets printed. He was very patient and polite, and very helpful.

    Give him a raise!!!!

  • Milo
    June 06,2017

    As per MILO agent Derek was very patient and very courteous.

    He listened to every concern and helped me getting the lowest fare along with my desired flights.

    I am very happy with his services and want to convey the message to the organization that how helpful he was.

  • Maria Stewart
    June 06,2017

    Thank you Mr. Ruskin for all your help!

    I was really impressed when you apologized for leaving me on hold for so long due to you're trying to get my seating arrangements.

    Thank you for looking out for me offering insurance.

    If I ever need any other flights I will definitely call you.

  • Baldev.Krishan.Nayyar
    June 06,2017

    It was very nice to talk to you.

    I was disconnected twice & then you were the only one who picked up the Phone & answered the same.

    You talked very nicely to me & answered all my questions.

    I really appreciate & recommend to senior managers for your niceness to the customers.

  • Roberta Konrad
    June 06,2017

    Adam was very professional & helpful about emailing me the eticket.

    He sent it immediately and answered all my questions.

  • Lorna Guillou
    June 06,2017

    Thank you for your expedited assistance.

    You have been very helpful & appreciate your help in updating my daughter's information & confirming her flight departure.

  • Toltecdan Yahoo
    June 06,2017

    Nisa was very helpful and very professional.

    I appreciate the service she provided. :)

  • mohammed masood
    June 06,2017

    Wonderful help with sending me my E ticket.

    I had spoken to Eduardo today and he was very helpful with the information provided today.

    Good customer service and I'm satisfied with his service today, i would like to use the Travelers helpdesk again in future

  • Julio Diaz
    June 05,2017

    Thank you Selina you have been a great help and you should be commended for your assistance.

    Once again thank you.

  • james lawrence
    June 05,2017

    ThankYou Ms Selina for your help ,

    Thank you for being very fast ,clear and understanding while explaining my traveling arrangements to me...

  • Michael Reibel
    June 05,2017

    Hardy ,

    was amazing in helping me get a flight to make my daughter's graduation and back to work , he is very polite and helpful. He searched and found me a flight I was comfortable with and fit my schedule.

    I'm working out of state and not to tech savvy he was a champion I appreciate his efforts tremendously thank you HARDY.m your the cats meow

  • Lorna Guillou
    June 04,2017

    Hi Lemon,

    Thank you for your expedited assistance.

    You have been very helpful & appreciate your help in updating my daughter's information & confirming her flight departure.

    Best, Lorna Guillou

  • Sheila R. Jelley
    June 04,2017

    Dear Metric,

    In reference to our phone conversation of 6/4/17, you were especially helpful in answering all of my questions and assisting me to access my United Airline flights which until speaking with you I had been unable to do. You were patient with me while I tried to find the appropriate information for the person who had booked these flights for me and my sister. You kindly, sent this email and then stayed on the phone with me while I waited for it to arrive in my inbox. As a result of your answering my questions I was able to interact with United Airlines to find handicapped seating for us both.

    Thanks Again, Sheila R. Jelley

  • Denise Kelley
    June 04,2017

    Ruskin was excellent.

    He gave me detailed information about my trip.

    He offered additional information that I was not aware of. He answered 2 questions about my travel to London.

  • Linda Braun
    June 04,2017

    Just a quick email to say thank you to Eduardo, for his very helpful service.

    He set my mind at ease for my upcoming flight and was professional and polite.

  • Gabriella Borbas
    June 03,2017

    Dear Jessica,

    Thank you very much for your careful and professional help while I was searching for a particular airline ticket for my sister.

    I especially asked for you to help me this time too, as I remembered that the first time I was booking an airplane ticket from Indianapolis to Budapest, Hungary I highly appreciated not only your kindness, patience , thorough professionalism and helpfulness. but also your beautiful and easily understandable English. Let me give you my sister`s thanks who was very satisfied with your service as well. I am definitely convinced that you contribute in a great deal to the success of your company. I am sure if I travel anywhere in the future I will be looking for your help and also I will recommend you and your company to my friends and acquaintances.

    Thank you again and have a nice afternoon Gabriella Borbas

  • Jessica Aguilar
    June 03,2017

    Adam was very helpful with helping me with my flight confirmation details and forwarding those to me. He was patient and understanding of my concern but nevertheless ensured that I was helped throughout from the beginning of the call to the end. He ensured that my problem was solved and he sure did solve it and I truly appreciate his help otherwise I would still be confused and lost. So thank you Adam! It was nice talking to you!

    Again thank you!

  • Lucille Taylor
    June 03,2017

    Hi my name is Lucille Taylor and I want to compliment Nisa on her handling of my airline arrangements. She was most helpful and very professional.

    Thank you so much for your service!

    I will call you go my next trip!

  • kathleen o'connor
    June 03,2017

    thank you for the service the information was good and nisa was patient and courteous and was able to give me the information i needed for my flight thank you

  • Sabra Simmonds
    June 03,2017

    Dear Ruskin,

    Thank you for all of your help and for your fantastic service. Before calling you, I was concerned about my booking but you answered all of my questions in a very professional and effective manner. Because of my experience with you I will recommend Traveler Help Desk to my friends and colleagues and will definitely fly with your company in the future! Thank you again for speaking to me on the phone and solving my inquiries.

    All my best, Sabra

  • Mary Wade
    June 02,2017


    Thanks so much for your help in confirming our flight and seat assignments.

    You were very helpful and provided excellent service.

    Mary Wade

  • Louis
    June 02,2017

    Kathy was awesome, so patient and was amazed the way Kathy spoke with him. He stated that thank you for being the reason I smile

  • David Barton
    June 01,2017

    Thank you so very much Mr.

    Vilfred for your hard work and expedience in handling this urgent matter.

    I do not know these people that stole my card #, but I hope they go to jail.

    Thank you again.

  • Aasif Osmany
    July 31,2017

    I just wanted to thank Thom for all of his help.
    he went out of his way to provide great service and we will be using you guys again in the future.

    Thanks Thom!

  • Alfonso Jara
    July 29,2017

    Customer satisfaction is well appreciated.
    She provided excellent customer service.

    Thank you.

  • Elvira Prentice
    July 29,2017

    Thank you Nisa for all your help today.
    Thank you for taking the time with me on the phone to answer my questions and sending the information I needed.
    Your service was excellent.

  • Damon, Judi
    July 28,2017

    I would like to thank Metric for all of his help in securing my tickets for my trip to Kansas City, MO.
    There was a problem because of the fraud alert and he got the new tickets for me.
    He was very polite and efficient.

  • Bilal Lodhi
    July 28,2017

    I spoke to Amada and she helped me in my booking confirmation.
    I had good experience with her.


  • Ferrell
    July 28,2017

    Thank You Amanda for assisting me with my flight information and providing me with the extended information needed to make this a successful flight.
    Amanda was very helpful and patient with me while providing me with extensive information along with assisting in having our seats assigned as well.
    Once again I thank Amanda for being patient and ensuring I had all of the information needed to make this a successful flight for us.

  • Eileen Gallagher
    July 28,2017

    I would like to commend Vilfred for his diligence and care in ensuring my reservation was successfully dealt with.
    As I had a decline on my card since my bank declined my transaction.
    And Vilfred made sure it got it through and issued my ticket.

    Really thankful for my ticket .

  • Chuck Frost
    July 28,2017

    Callow was prompt in finding my airlines ticket and assigning me my seat very courtesy in her replies also she was very knowledgeable on all aspect of her job offering suggestions on flight information I would use the company again in the futur

  • Ms Chin H Pan's
    July 27,2017

    Novak is very patient and very talented.
    He really toughed my heart.

    Whenever I will book the reservation, I will contact him only.
    He is good resource.
    I would love to book with Smartfares.

  • Mr. Matalucci
    July 25,2017


    thank you for your help, you have been attentive to my needs since I had worries about booking online and printing what I need to bring to the airport.
    Thank you as well for the additional advice concerning any potential issues I may encounter.

  • Donald Cooper
    July 25,2017

    Just want to take a moment to say thank you Scarlet for all your help today. You got right to the issues and solved them very quickly. Thanks again you were fabulous....

  • Evelyn Ruiz
    July 25,2017


    thank you so much for helping me with my flight information.
    You were very helpful, pleasant and patient with me.
    As opposed to another customer service rep who rudely hung up on me.
    Again, thank you for your assistance.


  • Faye
    July 25,2017

    Appreciate the help given to her by agent Eduardo,

    He was very helpful, as he helped pax to correct middle name and also advise benefits of insurance and added the insurance as well.
    He answered all the questions patiently and was very knowledgeable.
    Pax said she will continue to use this service for her future travel as she was little worried about the reservation as it was first time she booked with a travel agency.

  • Alex
    July 24,2017

    Carlos was a great help,

    thanks to him I got my ticket confirmation and I am ready to fly! He was polite and punctual even through spotty signal.

  • stephanie
    July 24,2017

    Ruskin Is a very dedicated individual who has a passion for his job.
    He has a very good customer service skill, he takes the time out to listen to customer needs and try to assist in the best way possible.
    It was a pleasure having Ruskin you assist me.

  • Roy Dallago
    July 24,2017

    Thank you, Amanda.
    You were a very big help answering my questions this morning.

  • Dorsis
    July 24,2017

    Thanks for your help today.
    I was having issues locating my reservation at the airlines end but your email with the tickets was quite helpful.
    Now i am at ease and i can check-in online to print my boarding pass.
    I must say you were quite polite and courteous, quite professional too.
    I would contact you directly for my future travels. Thank you once again for your assistance.

    July 23,2017

    As per KIRKANN, agent was very understanding and she should be recognized for it.
    She was very patient and helpful.

  • Fakhrunnisa Faizani
    July 23,2017

    I hope my flights would be the same as you confirm with me by phone.
    I appreciate your help and I am happy at lest I found some who can responsibly helped me in regards to my teckits.

    Thank you very much

  • John Tabakci
    July 23,2017

    Thank you for your help in providing the info I requested on my call this morning.
    Please let your supervisor know that I was impressed with your professionalism and attention to detail in reviewing my itinerary and answering my questions proactively.
    You answered my questions before me asking.

    Excellent customer service..!
    Thank you.

  • Aaron Hyman
    July 23,2017

    Mr. Raskin did a great job helping me and explaining to me and sending me a new itinerary and explaining the changes I would definitely use your company again and I have already recommended it to other people..

  • Michel-Charles
    July 23,2017


    I would like to mention that after looking at some comments about your company I was quite taken aback by all the negative comments that I read... So I would like to say that every time I contacted your company,
    I was able to reach you within minutes and was always greeted with the utmost cordiality.
    For example today I talked to Mr Vilfred Who went out of his way to settle my concerns and explain in complete detail all the information I needed.
    So congratulations on a great company and great staff! You are five stars in my book !


    July 22,2017

    Talon was very nice.
    The situation was very aggravated but he handled it very carefully.
    Caller was 100% satisfied with his services.
    Talon was very understanding and as per her, Talon is one of the best representative we have.

  • Nicole Arrington
    July 22,2017

    Great experience.
    Will use them always in the future.

    Great customer service.

  • Frederick Schneider
    July 22,2017

    thank you so much for your help today with my reservation.
    I know it took a long time because I was purchasing tickets for travelers other than myself, because the tickets were one-way, and because the flight departure date is close at hand (tomorrow).
    I also appreciate your having suggested the purchase of travel insurance.
    Your patience, persistence and thoroughness have reassured me that there will be no problems with this booking.

    Thank you again.

  • Victor Raul gonzalez
    July 22,2017

    Thank you, Lesly, very much, bless you for your support.
    Will use your agency, more often.

  • Mrs. Wilson
    July 21,2017

    Sims was Most helpful and patient agent I ever came across. He understood me well and I am very delighted to book a flight with him.
    I want everyone out there to know that he is doing a great job and highly recommend him.
    I wish all the organization in the world have more people like him as this will make this world a better place.

  • Cherie Umbel
    July 21,2017

    Dexter, thanks for your excellent help and quick response.

  • Shahay
    July 21,2017

    Hi Amanda,
    Just wanted to let you know that your help was much appreciated.
    Thanks again for all the info you provided and not to mention the excellent service!


  • Pamela Matamoros
    July 21,2017

    Thank you Eduardo for being so efficient in all of necessary documents needed for our travel tickets
    I will definitely call you again as we need airline tickets your service was of great help and you were very efficient and your job thank you

    Pam's Dream Vacations

  • Dylan Kawalec
    July 21,2017

    Callie Has been very helpful.
    I was Really stressed out about if my flight was there or not, and thankfully it all got cleared up with Callie's help.
    I like how late they stay up just in order to help people like us out.

    Thank you very much

  • Lalig Musserian
    July 21,2017

    Dear Nisa- I just want to thank you for your excellent customer service and for your quick and supportive help to my recent inquiry.
    I really appreciate your professionalism and customer care and it was a pleasure working with you on my reservation.
    I hope to work with you again in the future.

    Best regards,

  • Amy Cunningham
    July 21,2017

    Thank you so much for your help today.
    You did a fantastic job and answered all my questions.
    I really appreciate it!

  • Freyno
    July 21,2017

    Thank you so much for all your help.
    You were very detailed, thorough and patient.
    I was very anxious when I called but you solved my problem.
    Thanks again, Frances

  • Jeslyn B
    July 19,2017

    Hi, my name is Jeslyn B Cax and I really appreciate your help, you were very helpful and kind.
    Thank you very much. I am glad to speak with agents like you, helpful and kindness.

  • Minerva Robles
    July 19,2017

    I am very satisfied, with the customer service I got from Selina. She was very helpful, and awesome communication.

  • Laurie
    July 18,2017

    I want to thank Jessica for doing a fabulous job of helping explain everything I needed, giving me the numbers to the airline and insurance company.
    She was very patient, friendly and helpful.

  • Virginia Bermeo
    July 18,2017

    Dear Jessica, Thank you so much for the courteous, diligent service on my recent reservation.
    I had a few issues with confirmation that were on my end, but you were patient and I truly appreciate the time you took to resolve positively my reservation.
    Best regards,

  • Minerva Robles
    July 18,2017

    I am very satisfied, with the customer service I got from Selina. She was very helpful, and awesome communication.

  • Jo Gallagher
    July 18,2017

    Thank you Adam!
    Traveling is stressful for me.
    Your kindness and humor made my call much less stressful! I wish you the best on your journeys:)

  • Sofia Azzoug
    July 18,2017

    Very kind and understanding, she takes her time to explain, she is very respectful, she tries to find a good price,
    very profetional in her work, I will still buy tickets from your company because she gave me a good service ,
    Compared to the first representative who did not even confirm the reservation.

  • Samantha Murphy
    July 17,2017

    Hello Amanda,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to confirm my flight.
    As you can imagine it was nerve racking to hear that our flight for Swiss was not confirmed, but you took the time to reconfirm our flight, walk me through the Swiss website, and verbally confirm all details regarding our flight.
    I sincerely appreciate your efforts and am very impressed with the level of customer service I received.

    Thank you again,

  • Mary
    July 17,2017

    I just wanted to send a quick message thanking you for your assistance last night in regards to my airline tickets.
    I was becoming concerned about them not showing as "ticketed" on the airline website.
    You were courteous and professional and resolved my concerns very quickly.

  • Joe Bernard
    July 17,2017

    Hello Selina,

    Thank you for your assistance this evening.
    Thank you especially for getting us adjoining seats on both flights; Mrs. Bernard and I enjoy sitting together when flying.

    Best Regards!

  • Cheryl-Ann Cadogan
    July 17,2017

    Hello Adam,
    Thank you for spending the time to explain my eticket and itinerary.
    You were very clear and you help me understand the importance of the flight information.
    It is service like what you provided makes it worthwhile.

    Thanks again for your help. Keep up the great work.

  • pete herrera
    July 16,2017

    The help given on the phone in order to confirm my trip details and help me find my ticket was great.
    Ruskin gave me all the information I needed to be sure of my future trip and informed me of insurance.

    Thank you!

  • Nick Reznik
    July 16,2017

    Nisa, Thank you so much for your wonderful service.
    You have solved all problem with my tickets.

  • Rita
    July 16,2017

    I have received the information and the e-ticket as requested. The agent I spoke with was helpful and pleasant, and gave me the information I needed.

  • Colette Murphy
    July 16,2017

    I would like to say a great thank you to Nisa for all of her help, patience, kindness and knowledge.
    She was very understanding and helpful in providing assistance and information on making sure that I was satisfied with my travel arrangements.
    She made a experience very pleasant.

  • Johnathan Harris
    July 16,2017

    Thank you very much. Nisa was very helpful and friendly.
    Thank you for your assistance and for the professional attention to detail!

  • Keisha
    July 16,2017

    Callie was very helpful ,very informative and patient.
    Excellent customer service!!

  • Michael Panzer
    July 16,2017

    I was very pleased with the service.
    I understood the policy very clearly.
    I appreciate your help.

  • Anissa Navarro
    July 14,2017

    Her services were very helpful.
    She had a good attitude and was thoughtful.

  • Theresa
    July 14,2017

    I have called this airline several times for information and this was the first time I had a pleasant experience .
    Glory was very patient helpfui and pleasant

  • Trevor Harris
    July 14,2017

    Lemont was very courteous and helpful in dealing with an issue I had.
    Thank you

  • Miriam
    July 14,2017

    Miriam said he is very pleased with the service of Vilfred, he made her day as there was sked change and pax was not aware of the changes.
    Agent provided her new flight timings and details and also sent email with new flight timings,
    Pax also mentioned that Vilfred was very patience over the call and been very helpful.

  • Bernice Fitts
    July 14,2017

    Jade was very helpful in making the correction in the placement of my name on my ticket reservation.
    She made sure that I was satisfied before terminating the conversation.


  • Lillian Shinsato
    July 14,2017

    Thank you Jessica for fixing my reservation.
    You were so patient, kind and efficient.
    I really do appreciate your hard work and expertise.


  • Naod D Degefu
    July 14,2017

    Thank you I was very happy for the service I was provided by Matric Johnson.
    He assisted me with finding the best suitable flight for my trip to London from Chicago.
    Am extremely satisfied and look forward to use this service again soon.


  • Evens
    July 14,2017

    Thank you very much Nisa for your professionalism with regards to my reservations.
    I am very pleased with your exceptional service. Once again,

    thank you very much.

  • Timothy
    July 14,2017

    I really appreciate the help I got when I callled you.
    you was on point on every question I had I will continue to use this site to Oder my air flights from now on

  • Terry Schildcrout
    July 14,2017

    Dexter was very helpful to me in locating my reservations that I misplaced. He was very nice and polite.

    Thank you very much,

  • Nerieda Meza
    July 14,2017

    Thank you for your help! I was worried about my mom's flight.
    I had called earlier and spoke to someone else and they couldn't find my mom's ticket.
    That's when I called back and spoke to you and you helped me make sure everything was correct and that her ticket was paid for.
    Thank you for your help!

  • Cheri' Figuracion
    July 13,2017

    John, Thank you so much. This was a long (!) and painful process that was made easier due to your professionalism, patience and kindness.
    I would be happy to forward this letter of appreciation to your supervisor, or you may forward it on my behalf if you wish.
    You made a long and grueling process easier and faster for me.

    Thank you again and I am grateful you answered my call tonight.

  • Nicole
    July 12,2017

    Extremely Delighted with the way he made an outbound call and provided the resolution.
    Vaughn was Professional on the call, and very politely answered all the questions

  • Glenda Bell
    July 11,2017

    Dear Edward,

    Words can not express how much I appreciate your help in locating the right ticket times to accommodate my travel.
    Just a few months ago, you helped me purchase a ticket at the last minute to go home and visit my parents. This time, unfortunately,
    I am traveling to bury my father and take care of my mother, who will be having surgery for cancer. Your patients was much needed. Not to mention your kind words of expression in letting me know I owed no apology for asking lots of questions or having you check so many different cities for departure.
    Because of your kindness, I will definitely make you my go to person for all my families travel needs.
    Your rapport, care, and demeanor made this unpleasant reason for travel, a lot less painful. On behalf of my family,

    thanks again.

  • Heidi
    July 11,2017

    Thank you so much Nisa! Your patience and professionalism were outstanding in helping me straighten out a mess in my reservations! Your company is lucky to have such a kind and empathetic customer service agent representing them. All the best to you in all your endeavors!

  • Danza Johnson
    July 11,2017

    Metric was great. Best service I have had in a long time.

  • Nemesio Gutierrez
    July 11,2017

    Thank you. Trixie, the Travel Consultant that worked with me should be highly commended for an excellent job. She was thorough, and very knowledgeable, and very kind, and helpful, very professional too !
    I felt great she was the one that helped me with my travel plans early this morning.
    Her patience is beyond compare.
    I just wish that all your travel consultants are like her.

  • Paula Watkins
    July 11,2017

    To Whom It May Concern,

    Eduardo was very helpful today in assisting me with my flight information and helping me to understand how to read the information.
    He also explained everything to me concerning my flight. He was very courteous and helpful.
    He also asked if I needed anything additional and asked me to call or email him back if I had any additional information.
    I appreciated his help in finding my flight details and information.

    Paula Watkins

  • Bonnie Logan
    July 11,2017

    I was talking to Eduardo this afternoon concerning my airline ticket.
    I would like to say that I received excellent service.
    I am very pleased with the result.
    He is an asset to the company.

    Thank you so much for the help today.

  • Pow Wow
    July 11,2017

    Stannis was really helpful,
    I was ready to cancel my trip for all the fault of the other agent charging me over price and giving me the wrong seat when I told him I was a handicap and I need it an isle seat and close to the the middle of the plane,
    this gentleman Stannis was really helpful and fix everything he could and save my reservation with Smart Fare.

  • Andree Nordan
    July 11,2017

    Thank you Nisa you where gracious , patient and very helpful. Now I can go ahead and print my ticket.
    To whom it may concern. I want to let you know how much Nisa put me at ease in the way she handled my concern.
    She deserves a ten star.

    Thank you again Nisa.

  • Afshan Waheed
    July 11,2017

    The agent was not only courteous but extremely helpful.
    Thank you for the excellent customer service.

  • Brian Andrade
    July 11,2017

    Hi Jessica Just wanted to let you know that you provided awesome customer service.
    You were patient and assisted me with all the 9 confirmations.
    I was not to happy with my prior call as that agent Flloyd hung up on me.
    Because of your service I will continue to do business with your company.
    They are fortunate to have an employee like you.


  • Dr. Kodiath
    July 10,2017

    Jessica, You were so helpful today.
    It was amazing how thorough you were and explained things so clearly.
    I felt that "you went the extra mile" for me and that's why I will come back to your company for future tickets.

    Thank you for your exceptional service!

  • July 10,2017

    Praki was wonderful.
    He speak in the way I understand things.
    He makes everything easy.
    This guy deserve a raise.
    Agent who booked the reservation earlier was a mess.
    She quoted the wrong price and Priki helped me in sorting out things.
    This guy is worth every penny spent.
    I was not pleased with the service provided by previous agent.

    Praki went over and above.

  • Qureshey
    July 09,2017

    Dexter was very helpful in retrieving my reservations.
    His service was fast paced and accurate to my expectations.

  • Marina Littlefield
    July 09,2017

    Thank you for all the assistance you gave to me.
    It helps to have someone as willing as you to make sure my trip is going to be easy to do.

    Thank you very much Marina Feise

  • Cindy Wolfe
    July 09,2017

    Thank you Ruskin! You were very helpful and I really appreciate your patience and all the info you shared with me!!!

  • Keneisha
    July 09,2017

    After a misunderstanding and booking error.
    I had the opportunity to speak with an agent by the name of Warren who was extremely understanding, patient and kind.
    He handled the situation in a great professional matter.
    I also spoke with his manager Henry who reassured me that he would get the situation under control, which is exactly what he did.
    I appreciate their hard work and everything they did for me.
    I will definitely be booking with them again

    Thank you

  • Reyna
    July 09,2017

    Nisa, Thank you Nisa for your help in confirming my flight tickets.
    You were vert kind and also for offering my insurance in case of any problem that might lead me to lose my flight.
    For all yourbhelp and patience...

    Thank you!

  • Susan
    July 09,2017

    I agree to these changes and Metric was awesome! He answered all my questions and was very helpful.

    Thank you so much.

  • Nadine Exantus
    July 09,2017

    Metric has been wonderful in helping me today he retrieve my reservation and email them to me with no issue It was a pleasure talking to him Excellent customer service *****

  • Kaushik
    July 08,2017

    Hey Scarlett, Thank you for assisting me on my Booking and providing me the information requested.
    The customer service your company provided me is appreciable and had a great experience working with your company,
    I will recommend your company to my friends for any future travel needs. Have a wonderful day scarlett.

    Thanks and regards,

  • Niki Gountanis
    July 08,2017

    Scarlett thank you so much for helping me with the flights.
    I've been trying to get my e-tickets for the past 5days and every time it was "wait for couple of hours and you will receive an email with the booking information"
    It literally took you 5 minutes for me to have everything I need.
    Traveler Desk needs more employees like you.

    Thanks again for your help.

    July 08,2017

    I Feel very wonderful while talking to Alicia.
    She was very kind and patient. She is compassionate and understand our need. She is very knowledgeable and company should hire more agents like her.
    She had a word with another agent yesterday and was not satisfied with the service provided however now when she spoke to Alicia,
    she feel good and will definitely book the reservation with us in future too.

    July 08,2017

    Nathan is your best employee. We had a death in family. He spent the time on the call. He is one of the best agent that I have seen in my 45 years experience. He helped me in booking the flight and car rental as I needed. Whenever I will book the reservation in future, I will only ask for Nathan as he is the best.

  • Monica Glazier
    July 07,2017

    Rebel was very helpful in ,making the necessary changes. including insurance and seat numbers.

    thank you very much.

  • Zahid Mughal
    July 07,2017

    I spoke with Ms. Glory with questions about my airline ticket, She was very professional and polite, She took the time to listen to my inquires.
    Responded in a very pleasant and helpful manner, helped me with confirming and assigning a seat for me. She is an asset to your company.


  • Connie Parsons
    July 07,2017

    I am writing to say that I really appreciate the excellent service I received from Lesly.
    She helped resolve my problem, very efficiently and in a personable manner.

    Thank you!

  • Suzanne Cote
    July 07,2017



  • Melinda Tunnell
    July 07,2017

    Nisa was very helpful and patient in working with me on my reservation questions.
    Thank you Nisa for your help! Sincerely

  • Diane White
    July 07,2017

    It was a pleasure to speak to Stannis about my reservations' He was very friendly and courteous.
    He kept mecalm throughout my panic. He was very patient and and talked with me throughout my ordeal.
    I could not have had a better person to help me.

    Thank you for caring .

  • Julian
    July 07,2017

    Dear Customer Service, I just spoke with Amanda with questions concerning my upcoming flight.
    She was able to find my reservation, confirm it, and give me the information I need in order to check on seating, etc.
    She is very customer oriented and you need more reps like her.


  • Madeline Ramos
    July 07,2017

    Amazing experience, Amanda was really nice and pacient.
    She was able to clarify many points that I didn't understand.

  • Treece H.
    July 07,2017

    Adam, Thank you for your patience and great service.
    I feel confident that the information you provided me with will help to alleviate our anxieties and stressors.

    Thank you!

  • Alice Burns
    July 07,2017

    Hi Eduardo,
    I just wanted to thank you for your help in sending my tickets for my son and family's trip to Rome. Your courtesy, explanations and willingness to help take care of getting me my tickets are very much appreciated.
    I like feeling valued to your company and you certainly made me feel that way.
    Thank you so much for being kind, patient and helpful.
    My best to you and please let your Supervisor that your customer service is very appreciated.

  • Jessica
    July 07,2017

    Jessica Thank you so much. you are a great agent,I really appreciate your help .
    if I would buy a ticket I would be happy to connect with you.
    You very nice and very patience with customers .

    Thank you so much

  • Victor Salomon
    July 07,2017

    I phoned customer service regarding some questions about my flight/booking.
    I spoke to Nisa and told her my concerns. She was very polite and accommodating, and addressed all my concerns.
    Appreciate the service she provided.

  • Jeff sanon
    July 07,2017

    Callie was an excellent help for me i like they way she took a time to help me to get my confirmation numember she couldn'tbe more helpful than that if i would say somethong about her is keeping the good job cause she really knows what she is doing,

    thank you so much.

  • carole cunningham
    July 07,2017

    She was a tremendous help to me and courteous and I loved doing business with her. She is an asset to your company...I'm very pleased...

    July 04,2017

    Thank you so very much for my reservation. I've been having difficulty doing this reservation online until I made a call to Smartfare. Adam you really made my day with your courteous manner and excellent customer relations. I give you five stars and I'll definitely recommend you to friends and family for your wonderful service.

    Thank you and God bless.

  • Sathiyawathy Vinayagamoorthy
    July 04,2017

    Thank you Ruskin for the help.
    I'm really satisfied and happy the way you answered for my questions

  • Michelle Ibanez
    July 03,2017

    Dear Lemont, Thank you again for taking the time to confirm our reservation and the airline initiated change to one of our flights.
    I also appreciate the additional information and confirming email.

    You have been very helpful!

    July 03,2017


  • Meghan Sedbrook
    July 03,2017

    To whom it may concern, It was a pleasure to work with Scarlett today.
    She has excellent customer service and was incredibly helpful.
    I am greatful to have spoken with Scarlett to confirm our reservations and receive our ticket numbers.

    Many thanks!! With Gratitude,
    Meghan Sedbrook

  • Melissa
    July 03,2017

    Scarlett, Thank you so much for all of your help. You were very courteous and polite.
    Have a great day!

  • Gunley Jean Philippe
    July 03,2017

    To whomvit may concern,
    I would like to notify you of an excellent service call from Adam.
    During my call Adam exceeded my expectations. He gave me more information than i expected, was extremly courteous and patient.
    Give him a raise! Being myself a customer service manager i can appreciate great service.
    That in my was a WoW! call

    So thank you Adam and keep up your great work

  • Tracyann Clarke
    July 03,2017

    THANK you SO MUCH Jessica I was really stress out on the ticket today when I first spoke to you i was so aggressive but you cool me down by helping me to sought out the misunderstanding I really appreciate it

    thanks AGAIN

  • cathy stevenson
    July 02,2017

    The service I received was very good. My travel advisor was competent and worked with me so I could understand my ticket. He was patient and a good listener.
    He took the extra step and sent me my ticket and explained to me what all the reference numbers meant.

    Thank you for your good service .
    i will use it again when i travel.

  • Demetrius
    July 02,2017

    Dear Lamont&To whom it May Concern, Thank you for your time and patience with all of the details regarding our trip.
    You were very professional and sincere. My wife and I really appreciate the overall customer service you provided us.
    In all of our travels and planning we have never experience a person as competent as you.

    Excellent Job!!...
    All the best,

  • Florance
    July 02,2017

    Kade was helping her and she would like to provide him the highest rating.
    He was very accommodating and was very helpful.
    He did a complete research for her accommodation.
    He was very informative and really worked very hard to find the best hotels for all of her destinations.
    She want him to be appreciated for his wonderful work.

  • Maria
    July 02,2017

    Hi Glory , thank you for your help, you were very helpful, and courteous.
    I am happy that you assigned my seats, and sent my ticket thank you so much for your help.

  • Doris Barnes
    July 01,2017

    Thank you for your help today Callie!
    You've been wonderfully helpful and we will be using your services again.
    Well done!

  • Jack Brooks
    July 01,2017

    Thanks for your help with my seating information just now, and also your very informative talk about travelers insurance.
    You were most polite and thorough, and an example of what a good phone rep should be.

    Thanks again,

  • James
    July 01,2017

    All of my concerns with my upcoming travels were put to rest, with Lesly's professional and comforting manner.
    Kudos' to her and with the training she was provided.

    Ready to go now,

  • Jose A Santiago
    July 01,2017

    I have received the information related to my reservations and the assistance of Mr. Romen was handled on a professional manner.
    I appreciate the assistance and quick resolution of my situation or concern.

    Thank you very much.

  • Ricardo Medina
    July 01,2017

    Adam was very helpful with all my inquiries and questions.
    Adam was also very courteous, professional and patient with me and made feel very satisfied with my phone call today.

    Thanks again again for all your assistance.

  • Joseph G. Henry
    Aug 31,2017

    This is to thank your representative Clive with respect to his very helpful input in securing my flight to London.

    Clive was very professional and caring during the process, which entailed changing my travel dates.

  • LTanya Jones
    Aug 29,2017

    Thank you so much for all of you help with my resavation and my insurance.

    It was such a pleasure being able to work with some one so knowable and so professional.

    Your were great and I hope that you answer again when I book my next trip.

  • Mariam
    Aug 26,2017

    You booked my flight to Wahington Dulles.

    I was calling to shop around and you sold me with your excellent sales skill and knowledge.

    Thank you

  • Donna
    Aug 25,2017

    Hi Adam:

    Good morning again and i thank you so very much in assisting me.
    It was a pleasure talking with you, you took the time and patient to go through my reservation with me and that alone was valuable.

    It was yesterday I was with my staff and discussing Customer Service and how important it is in our day to day work especially in this society that we are in now.
    Adams you displayed it all this morning and I sincerely hope your other co-workers are emulating you.

    Gob Bless You.

  • Janetta
    Aug 23,2017

    Lawrence was awesome, so patient and was amazed the way Lawrence spoke with her.

    I never had a such kind of experience with any other company and I want to book with you in future also

  • Sharon Hannan
    Aug 20,2017

    I would like to say Eduardo was very polite, professional, and a pleasure to talk to when I booked my flight...

    He was very helpful to me cause this is only the second time in a long time I have flew ....

    I would recommend anyone else who would call to hopefully get to talk to Eduardo ...

    Thank you again, and have a Blessed Day.... ....

  • Mary Andrews
    Aug 20,2017

    Hello Glory--

    I wish to thank you for all your courteous service. You were most patient with me and my hearing problem. Unfortunately many seniors have to deal with this on a daily basis and communication is sometimes a big problem. Thank you for emailing all the travel details of the reservation and I look forward to my trip to Palm Springs in October. Once again, thank you and you are an asset to your company.

  • Robert Rogers
    Aug 19,2017

    This is Robert Rogers Sr,

    As a first time customer I just want to say that The young man by the name of Adam was VERY respectful , knowledgeable , helpful and compassionate about my concerns for my daughters first flight . He answered all my questions . I would like to say that Adam is an asset to your company , he has also put our minds at ease . In the future if we schedule another flight we will be sure to ask for Adam . Great many thanks to Adam

  • vernita
    Aug 19,2017


  • Billy
    Aug 19,2017


  • Patricia Lord
    Aug 17,2017

    Thank you for being such a Big, Big help!

    Being an older person, who did not grow up with computers, I felt so lost this morning with check in on my flight.

    I appreciate your help and your patience!

  • Frank Romano
    Aug 17,2017

    I wanted to let you know that I just had the best customer service experience of my life. Because of Eduardo I will continue to do business with your company. Things got very confusing when we booked our tickets and we were not sure what had transpired. Eduardo was so professional and so positive I never doubted for a minute that he was the one to help me through this crisis. Our desire to get to our destination was Eduardo's primary focus. He made me feel secure and relaxed when talking with him. He is so kind and empathetic to our needs. He really went the extra mile to help us. I will be reaching out to him in the near future as we plan to start traveling more. You are lucky to have someone that special as part of your team. Thank you so much. I will have to tell all my friends and family about my experience. I can now relax and look forward to my trip. Eduardo, you are awesome.

  • Denise Hamilton
    Aug 16,2017

    Thank you so much for this necessary information on our flights to and in Europe.

    We got and get more excited every day, and your e-mail has much useful detail that helps us a lot.

  • Lorna Stanford
    Aug 16,2017

    Dear Lemont You have been very helpful and patient.

    Thank you for yourprofessionalism in solving all my concerns..

  • Linda Elvis
    Aug 16,2017


  • Glenda L Wikes
    Aug 16,2017

    Thank you for helping me with the arrangements for my trip to Phoenix from Pittsburgh.

    It was a pleasure to speak with you on my needs for this trip.

    Getting the best options for me, and within my budget was extremely appreciated.

    I am confident that my trip will be a successful experience.

  • Geetu Atwal
    Aug 15,2017

    Thank for your assistance and providing excellent customer service confirming our flights.

    U have made traveling with a group efficient and easy. U were very patient and easy to talk to. Thanks again

  • Denise Hamilton
    Aug 15,2017

    Thank you very much Rebel for your help giving me the phone # for the airline so I could contact them for needed answers only they could answer. You were very pleasant to talk with. It has been wonderful to have a reliable travel assistance phone # to call, & all the arrangements have worked great so far. One of your colleagues gave us seat assignments for a prior flight, & when we got to the airport, the airline changed them, but it was fine.

  • Carl Giglio
    Aug 14,2017

    I want to thank Glory for her services , she was very helpful and patient with me,I did not understand about e-tickets andshe took her time explaining it to me-every company should have employes like Glory.Thank you Carl Giglio.

  • Bosede Kayode
    Aug 14,2017

    Thank you so much Scarlett you were wonderfully nice,patient and understanding.

    You really helped me out with my flight informations i needed.

    Your advice to me for paying for the insurance is a good idea.Thank you for your help.I am happy .

    You are an excellent officer.

  • Feliciano M. Bunagan
    Aug 14,2017

    Your professional conduct in helping me with my booking and reservation was done to my satisfaction. thank you very much again, you help make me think of using you agency again.

  • Evelyn Rivera
    Aug 14,2017

    Exelent customer service, I wish there was more agents like Vilfred. Thank you for your promo and professional service.

  • Judy Yee
    Aug 13,2017

    Thanks for the info, you been very helpful and provided excellent services.

  • John McKenzie
    Aug 13,2017


    Thank you for helping me today. You are very knowledgeable and you were quick to answer all of my questions.

  • Ed Russell
    Aug 13,2017

    Callie, answers phone fast and efficiently. Very pleasant and answer all my questions. She help me change seating and made sure we had are confirmation # for both fights and times to get boarding passes. She is very good and professional at here job. Ed

  • Gina Neamtu
    Aug 13,2017


    Thank you for taking my call today. I greatly appreciate your help with my ticket and thank you for you advice regarding the importance to have travel insurance. You have been very helpful to me, knowledgeable and professional. I appreciate you taking the time to take care of my travel reservation needs. Best to you,

  • Ariadne
    Aug 12,2017

    She was wonderful! Very professional and polite plus extremely helpful resolving a very difficult situation concerning my canceled flight by West Jet.

  • Melfi Axais
    Aug 11,2017

    Carlos was very efficient and answered all my questions. He is polite, patient, and prompt with his responses. You have a very valuable employee.

  • Jenifer
    Aug 11,2017

    Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for your excellent service. I really appreciate it. Jenifer

  • Joey Dawson
    Aug 11,2017

    Jessica did great give her a raise in pay she deserves it

  • Aubrey Hoyt
    Aug 11,2017

    Thank you very much for your time and help.

    Please let me know who was doing that Contemporary Ragtime Music you have as listening music, fantastic. Thank you again Jessica was very helpful to me.

  • kyandi kane
    Aug 11,2017

    I want to sincerely thank you for the excellent customer service you provided last night. I was anxious about the flight changes when I called, but the way you handled the situation left me feeling relaxed. Keep up the excellent work! I would like to make another reservation with you so please let me know the best time to call. The flight is one way from BWI to FLL on August 19th 2017. The passenger is 16 years old and will be travelling alone. Thank you.

  • Michael Nipon
    Aug 10,2017


    I give Eduardo a grade of A+❗️ He was so considerate and helpful. In fact, I'm changing his grade to A++. I hope this email can be forwarded to his supervisor. In my opinion he deserves a promotion. He is a great employee. I really appreciated his professionalism and courtesies. Sincerely, Michael Nipon

  • Catherine Nguyen
    Aug 09,2017


    I am writing this email to share with you how extremely HAPPY I am with Eduardo's customer service. The reason for my phone call to your help center is because I was having extreme difficulties "checking in" to my flight. This is my third phone call to this help center because the previous two representatives were unhelpful and lacked patience as they told me to contact Iberia airlines directly 1-800-772-4642 with minimal effort in figuring out what the issue I was faced with. I called Iberia airlines directly and I did not get through because it kept disconnecting my phone call when I was following through the prompts. I called back approximately 4x and I was disconnected each time. I was incredibly frustrated so I chose to contact your help center again. This is when Eduardo picked up and I am SOOOOO grateful that he did. He was patient, kind, friendly, and simply delightful!!! He validated my concerns and frustration with the "check in" process, which made me feel that I'm being heard compared to the other two representatives. He provided me with the correct information in order for me to successfully check in to my husband's and my flight. I asked him to stay on the phone with me as I checked in just in case I bumped into any problems, and he genuinely agreed to stay on with me. Thank you Eduardo for ALL your support and kindness. If I have any questions when I check in my flight from Paris, I will not hesitate to call back and request to speak to Eduardo directly. Once again, THANK YOU for providing EXCELLENT customer service!! My husband was next to me during the phone call and he also says Thank you Eduardo for your patience!! Best, Catherine Nguyen

  • Jennifer Wall
    Aug 09,2017

    Hello Sted,

    I want to thank you for your excellent service this evening. You were patient, accommodating, and best of all - you were extremely knowledgeable. I would have been stuck trying to make all of my travel arrangements on my own. I sincerely appreciate your kindness and professionalism. Thanks for taking special care with my Dad's flights and seating assignments. I will use you guys the next time I fly! Awesome service! Thank you, Jennifer Wall

  • Anayo Akametalu
    Aug 08,2017

    Good morning Mr Shayne, permit me to tell you what I think about you. I know this will come to you as a surprise. I am a long time customer of your company;and this is the first time I dealt with you and truly, quality and caliber of individuals does make a great difference in making customers feel good. You are like God sent. I am not trying to blow your mind or hype your ego but just know that you just saved my life and I will forever remain grateful to you. I do not know what I would have done if you did not have the humility and patience to attend to my problem. I really feel indebted to you but I pray that your reward reaches you thru God's mercies and favor. I just don't know what to say; I will always remember you in my prayer. You just save me from a big catastrophe. Again thank you so very much for all your help. You will be rewarded in Jesus name I pray. Remain blessed. Anayo Akametalu

  • Mun Helen
    Aug 07,2017


    I really appreciate your truthful efforts! You are Excellent! Please forward this message to your manager. In the travel web pages, there's pop up windows saying, 'Call, we have a better hidden deal', but when I called they gave higher rate than I actually see on the web, there's no reason to call then. Garin is the only agent among the other agents I talked to, who really looked into, spent many hours, care for 1 customer with loyal heart even though he doesn't know me, may not make a reservation for me again in the future. I'm not writing this because Garin only found a better deal. I would be still very appreciated and write this letter even if he finds only $1 less deal instead of $300. Every words Garin spoke, with his loyal heart, I instantly trusted him. Gary called me back at appointed time, he kept every his words sincerely. Garin is also well mannered with good phone etiquette! I hope you make bonuses and commission Garin, not only giving you loads of work! Thank you so much, it was very pleasant experience with Garin and your company! May God bless you Garin! Regards, Helen Mun

  • Rhonda
    Aug 03,2017

    “Had a chance to speak to “Rhonda” according to her she was with airlines for two hours regarding changing the return flights for her boyfriend but they were asking for penalty and later they asked her to call travel company”. Then she called us and spoke to Manny and according to her Manny was very calm and compose. He understood the situation and asked her to go for a new one way travel for just $190. Manny helped her with top-notch customer service and she said “it was the best decision she took to book with Smart fares” and in the future she will book many more tickets with Manny.

  • Golden Shu
    Aug 03,2017

    I appreciate Mr. Eduardo's service, which has been very satisfied. I will like to use and recommend your service in the near future when the new travels come to me and my friends. Regards and thanks

  • Patricia Muir
    Aug 02,2017

    To whom it may concern. I wish to say your employee Sherlock has been of great assistance and is a credit to your company. I will recommend this site to all that will benefit by it.

  • Andrea A.
    Aug 02,2017

    Hello Team, Mr Theo level of professionalism was exceptional, he went above and beyond and easily calm down a very IRATE customer, team I want you to treat all your customers with much respect as Mr Theo did and see that your days in customer service are much more pleasant. He simple just placed himself in my shoes, recognized and understood from a customer point of view what I was going through, with urgency empathy and concern he was able to resolve my issue in a timely manner and made me feel like a valued customer. Kudos to Mr Theo!!!!! A job well done.

  • Peter
    Sep 28,2017

    Will was very Professional and has good Product knowledge. He also mentioned that he will put the positive comments through social network to praise Will's Customer Service & Patience . He will recommend Smart fares to his friends and family

  • Donna Via
    Sep 24,2017

    DEAR Stannis,

    Thank you so much for helping my wife and me this afternoon complete the seating assignments for our upcoming trip to Bermuda. You exhibited such a polite attitude of willingly want to help...your professionalism again exhibited specific answers to each of our questions and your promised follow up was quick and accurrate...again, Stannis, thanks for being the polite, professional agent that we found you to be!!

    Gil Via

  • Ms secrist
    Sep 23,2017

    Ms. Secrist stated that Leonard was so kind and polite, She said she is too Old and was really scared because she was unable to fix the issue as her CC was declined And she didn't know how to fix it, Leonard took initiative and helped her to get her Reservation confirmed! Leonard was able to help her in a professional manner from now on she will continue using our services and will also be recommending us to her family and friends.

  • Edith Olavarrieta
    Sep 17,2017

    I just wanted to take a few minutes to share my experience because I think too often we only take the time to share on bad ones, however my experience working with Sherlock on booking my flight was the best! I am a high energy entrepreneur with multiple tasks always pending on my to do list. Booking flights is one of my least favorite things to do because of the many discounted sites and options, I am always afraid on missing out on the best deal. Since I had already searched rates I knew more or less what I was going to be spending so when Sherlock reached out to me, I was a bit skeptic because now in days it is so hard to trust a pop up from a stranger! I still gave it a try and after providing all my detail specifics and requests, she managed to find me exactly what I needed and most importantly at a lower rate than I had found in my own efforts. I will be using Sherlock in the future for all of my booking needs.

    Thanks so much for this service, it has made my busy chaotic life a little less hectic, and that is a value in itself!

  • Les Paul Roque
    Sep 17,2017

    She was very helpful and I know I was a handful with a bunch of questions. Very patiently, she answered ALL of my questions. She hung in there with me until the end when we FINALLY booked my flight. I intend to use her again as i'm bring friends and family from Jersey to my house in Phoenix. I feel like I have a friend now. Thank God for her patience!

    Again, i'm a satisfied customer signing off.

    Thank you again and i'm coming back soon looking to book Tues - Tues the week of Thanksgiving.....

    Les Roque

  • Iola
    Sep 16,2017

    Hi Adam and manager,

    Its seldom that I get a representative of a company that has been so courteous, patient, polite, professional. Adam was very patient and answered all my question and offered more help after I had kept him on the phone for a long period. He was always checking back with me to see if there was anything else he could help me with.

    I haven't flown in years and so many things have changed, but Adam was there and with what ever questions I needed answered. He is to be commended for his patience and professionalism in dealing with his customers.


  • Lucy Castelli
    Sep 13,2017

    Hello Red,

    Just made a reservation with your for our flight to Pittsburgh. You made the reservation process simple and fast and I thank you very much for that. I'm highly satisfied with your fine service.

    Take care, and have a good day.

  • the Moreira's
    Sep 12,2017

    Dear Elvis,

    Thank you so very much Elvis for your professional service and we are so grateful for your help.

    You are an asset to you company.


  • Judit Rajhathy
    Sep 11,2017

    It is fabulous that you are a REAL person that customer can contact!!!


  • Judit Rajhathy
    Sep 11,2017

    As you gathered I am not the most patient person you have met! There is nothing I abhor more than making travel reservations - I want to thank you for your patience and understanding and you are THE BEST!

  • Ivelisse Lopez
    Sep 11,2017

    Good evening,

    we definitely have some feedback regarding our agent Sherlock! He went way and beyond what we consider a high level of professionalism, he answered all our questions and researched until he found the perfect flights for us for today. He was very courteous and patient with our situation under current circumstances due to Hurricane Irma, definitely took off a great deal of the stress we had today. You should be very proud to have such awesome agents.

    We will most definitely use these services again as well as recommend to other colleagues, family and friends.

    Once again thanks and many blessings.

    Sep 09,2017

    JORDAN was so kind and polite

  • Stefan Rothschild Israel
    Sep 08,2017

    This is to tell how satisfied I was yesterday as a customer to be served by Paul. I needed to make complicated changes in booking flights and Paul spent efforts and time to explore alternative routes, times and prices for me and my wife. When we were disconnected for technical reasons, he promptly called back to complete his task.

    Paul makes the impression of being a highly competent professional and he is clear, polite and patient.

    Any employer of Paul's should know that he is making extremely good public relations for his employer.


  • Veena Ambardar
    Sep 06,2017

    To the Supervisors of Camroon

    This is Dr. ( Mrs. ) Veena Ambardar

    This is a testimonial for Mr. Camroon, whose professionalism and attention to customer needs, impressed me to the point, I volunteered to write this letter for him.

    Recently, I had my first ever encounters with "Smartfares" online travel agency, on Sept. 1, 2017, and I was fortunate that I got a chance to interact with Mr. Camroon, of Smartfares, who is based in New Delhi.

    My confirmation number is: OTEG26

    Camroon was very eloquent, professional and very well informed about his work. He knows how to keep customer engaged, and attends to customer requirements, provides the customer what he or she wants.

    As the world knows by now, Houston was hit by a natural calamity of epic proportions when Hurricane Harvey dumped 35 trillion gallons of water in the last week of August, just a week ago!

    However, we had a family wedding to go to, which was planned for last 6 months. Our existing tickets by Southwest Airlines were cancelled as the airline stopped to operate in Houston due to heavy floods. Since rains had stopped, we dared to make reservation through SmartFares. However, we were still not sure if we can make to the Bush airport, which is almost 60 miles from where we live, and because all exits were flooded.

    Mr. Camroon was quite sensitive to our situation and advised me that we will get our monies back if we will have to cancel our tickets.

    On the day of departure we realized that we would not be able to reach Bush airport because the exits were still flooded, and therefore, we had to cancel our tickets. It just so happened, when I called this time, some different agent picked up the phone, and he gave me really hard time. I then asked for Mr. Camroon, who came on phone, and was able to recognize me and with no problem fulfilled the promise of giving me my refund. He immediately sent me an email also to that effect, though he said it will take week or 10 days to see the actual monies refunded against my credit card.

    I will conclude by saying that Smartfares is very lucky to have smart, eloquent, knowledgeable, well mannered professional like Mr. Camroon, who has leadership qualities and goes out of the way to accommodate customer needs.


    Dr. ( Mrs. ) Veena Ambardar
    Senior NASA Engineering Specialist ( Retd. )

  • Sudhi
    Sep 05,2017

    I would like to convey my regards n heartly appreciation to Kurt, who made the booking so ease n indeed met all our needs to plan lasvegas trip with family.

  • Susan
    Sep 03,2017

    Dear Matias

    Thank you for doing such a good job and a big favor for me. I appreciate the extra care you took on my behalf. Please tell you boss how great you are!


  • Bożena Raczkowski
    Oct 31,2017

    Quite impressed with agent , As he was quite helpful and nice to her .

  • Luis Garcia
    Oct 31,2017


    This is Luis and Maria Garcia emailing you to say a huge thank you for assisting and providing an excellent service in regards to our flights. We have just returned safely from Chicago. We received the refund, and once again are very thankful on how you handled and took into consideration our issue. We hope to keep in contact.


  • Elsie Andrews
    Oct 30,2017

    Your company is so fortunate to have an asset employee like Ronald. He helped me find a flight for a very sorrowful funeral for a nephew who has been murdered. Ronald was so thoughtful for me, I will certainly be using your company again, in fact real soon. Thank you so much Traveler Help Desk, Ronald Certainly supports your tidal unbelievably good.

    Elsie Andrews

  • Bożena Raczkowski
    Oct 30,2017

    Dear Destiny thank you very much for your help to get ticket I was looking for. I really appreciate your hard work and I know that your goodwill and dedication to work it's very needed for customers!!!! Best regards and thank you for your service again. I will be always calling you back ,for the service that you provide it to me.You are the best!!!

  • Martin
    Oct 30,2017

    Sage was very kind, courteous, polite and excellent. According to him sage understood his request for the flights and provided with best possible option, As per Martin Sage helped him with her Top-Notch customer service skills.

  • Arlene Van Ruiten
    Oct 26,2017

    would just like to thank you very much for the wonderful assistance that you gave me in completing my flights to Australia.

    I am a repeat visitor of Australia, but with your help, I would say that this was the shortest time to finalize all the flights.

    Thank you very much.

  • Suzanne Frady
    Oct 26,2017

    John for your excellent and courteous service in helping my book my flights. You worked hard in getting the least expensive and most direct flights for my trip. I appreciate you thinking about the distances I would have to travel to get to and from the various airports.. you were a perfect gentleman and so polite.

    Thank you
    always a friend Suzanne Frady

    Oct 26,2017

    I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated Leo's help with my travel booking. I decided to change my flight so I could extend my trip, and he went above and beyond to help me come up with a solution. The level of customer service was more than I expected, and it made a huge difference in my likelihood to book future flights with Smart Fares.

    Best Regards,

  • Maria Maurice
    Oct 26,2017

    After failing several times before It was her 8th attempt to arrange their travel plans, when she found agent ASHLEY extremely friendly and helpful to accomplish this difficult task, According to customer agent was very professional and knowledgeable during the call, She was pleased with his customer service and wanted agent to be recognized for his efforts.

  • Carola DeRooy&Mark Davis
    Oct 24,2017

    Dear Jordan

    I want to express my gratitude for your persistence in helping my husband and I to correct a mistake in ticketing that nearly cost me to be unable to board a flight I had already paid for. Your immediate follow-ups with the airlines and the extra time it took you to be sure I could board the plane with my name spelled correctly on my ticket on the same day as my flight was a miracle. Until you came on the phone to assist us I felt the customer service of your company was very bad. The first operator I spoke to had no solution to the problem. When I called back, you really turned things around within 12 hours to get everything corrected so I could fly 3,000 miles for an important business meeting. Please pass this gratitude on to your supervisor because the company should be aware that they have some very good customer service reps, like yourself, and some very bad ones. I can't express the anxiety and helplessness at having to spend hours on the phone with your company and the airlines just because one letter in my name was incorrect. But in the end your good nature, patience and persistence was much appreciated. Travelling these days seems to be far more complicated than it should be but that's not your fault. Keep up the good work and building good customer relationships. You went above and beyond what you had to do and followed up with us by phone and email to make sure everything went well.

    Best regards,
    Carola DeRooy&Mark Davis

  • Stacy
    Oct 24,2017

    Passenger Stacy was very happy with the service Ashley provided. Ashley was able to help her in a great professional manner and from now on she will continue using our services and will also be recommending us to her family and friends.

  • Miss. Beverly Charles
    Oct 24,2017

    Hello Mr. Carlson,

    Thank you very much for speaking with me today and taking the time to email me promptly after my call to you. You have shown integrity, promptness, attention to details, and very customer service to the core. I am a fully satisfied customer!

    Additionally, you listen to my complaint and you agree that what we discussed was exactly what I was told when I booked my reservation. You took great pains in seeking and finding a reservation that was conducive to my needs, at the time, and at a cost I was able to afford; I do very much appreciate that.

    You did not do anything wrong, it was because my boyfriend took sick I had to cancel the reservation within 6 hours after making the reservation; as I was given 12 hours to cancel or to make a change.

    I thank you for restoring the full amount I paid for the tickets to my account and for restoring faith in your company.

    Please know, I would not hesitate to specifically call YOU and your company in the future to make future reservations for my flights. Your company has shown good faith by giving me what was initially offered to me and I thank you all for so doing. I pray all will continue to go well and that you will continue to prosper in your position; again, Thank You.

  • Patricia
    Oct 24,2017

    Patricia was very happy with the service provided by Sheldon . She said that Sheldon went extra miles and looked cheapest flights for her trip and arranged everything in a polite and professional manner . She also said she will use us for future travels and also recommend us to others

  • Donna
    Oct 24,2017

    Hi Tiana,

    I want to thank you for your excellent service this evening. You were patient, accommodating, and best of all - you were extremely knowledgeable.

    I sincerely appreciate your kindness and professionalism. You the best girl in the organization.

    I will use you guys the next time I fly! Awesome service!

  • Lara
    Oct 22,2017

    Irvin was very nice and helpful.

    Oct 19,2017

    She wanted Agent Camroon to be recognized for his knowledge and patience, According to her she is experienced and knows how to make their travel arrangements but dealing with this agent made it lot easier than they expected, she throwed many options to him but the agent came out with the best deal and got a happy customer, They have many upcoming travels for them, their family and relatives in future and she now knows that they can rely on Smartfares.

  • jonas dingam
    Oct 13,2017

    Thank you so much, Jessica. I just want let you know that I enjoy your service, your kindness, your patience, and the time you took to guide me during my research of getting a flight ticket. You are a very good customer service that I would recommend to anyone to talk to about service. You made my day, and for that one, I gave you an A+.

    So thank you again.

  • sherrie starr
    Oct 13,2017

    Selina was very helpful very understanding of my needs, she was so pleasant to talk to! Selina was easy to understand and she was very thorough in all requests. I commend her on all of her endeavors and hope your company likewise acknowledges her as a superior representative. Thanks to great service Selina!! Sharon Starr

  • Ms Cay
    Oct 13,2017

    I am glad to share the appreciation call for Irvin. Miss Cay wanted to compliment Irvin for his effort to search the best price and flight as per their requirement. She said that Irvin was very patient, knowledgeable, kind and experienced. As they were searching for the flight and price as per their requirement since yesterday and were frustrated, as they could not get what they wanted. Irvin listened patiently and helped them. Miss Cay said that she would definitely call us again to book more flights.

  • Christine Cunningham
    Oct 12,2017

    Hello Dexter!

    I thought you were sending me a link to a satisfaction survey, so I hope I am responding correctly.

    I want to let your supervisor know that I called with concerns about some over charges for airline tickets I bought the other night and you were able to handle my concerns in one phone call. You were calm, courteous, knowledgeable and proficient in your duties. Each time you placed me on hold you let me know you were doing so, and you came back quickly. You reiterated my statements to let me know that you were listening to what I was saying and that you understood my concerns. You spoke in a clear voice, in a concise manner and with a pleasant tone. I haven't had such good customer service from anyone, anywhere in a long time. Well done! I can picture you in a leadership role already. They should have you training everyone else in the call center with whomever trained you, because that person did a good job too! Have a nice day.

  • Emmanuel Akpan
    Oct 12,2017

    I thought so Casper, besides, it was a weekend. I've seen the Ticket number, looks like we're getting some where. Can you send me the confirmation itennary, please. Thank you Casper for demonstrating selflessness. I'm not done yet.


  • Michelle Jolly
    Oct 12,2017

    Gerard did an amazing job of helping us find the perfect flight to Hawaii at the lowest rate for Thanksgiving. He went the extra mile and will cause us to use your service in the future. Thank you for training him in such an excellent, polite manner.

    Sincerest regards,
    Michelle Jolly

  • Lorna Powers
    Oct 10,2017

    Thank you to Adam and Matias for the excellent service given to me to help me make my reservations for the November flight to Texas from Tampa, and also for the hotel reservation. Your patience and kindness are very much appreciated. Thanks and have a Great Day. God BLess.

    Lorna Powers

  • Harriet Douglass
    Oct 10,2017

    I want to thank you, Mr Rodriguez, for your great help to me today. You took the time to check when necessary , and then proceeded to help me with adding our TSA Pre check numbers to our flight ticket. I really appreciate that. When I asked you to repeat something more slowly, you did, and it was a pleasure getting help from you. I know that you'll do well in any work that you do. Now I feel sure that we will be ready to go on this upcoming flight.

    Thank you, and good luck to you,

  • Leslie Gispanski
    Oct 10,2017

    Thank you so much Lemont for your excellent customer service with me per our conversation this afternoon. You made me feel confident that we will have an easy and enjoyable trip. When I first booked the flights, it was a little scary. I'm used to dealing with the airlines direct. The man that was helping me was kind of impatient with me and rushed me along. You, however, took the time to handle my concerns one at a time and you didn't lose your patience with me. Thank you again for all your help and I look forward to making more reservations with you in the future. Have a blessed day!

    Leslie Gispanski

  • Ms. Teresa O'neil
    Oct 09,2017

    She dealt with smartfares before but this time she wanted to appreciate the excellent customer service given by Rico, She wants him to be recognized perticularly for his patience, She also mentioned that the agent did go extra mile with his knowledge and didn't push her anywhere to be decisive during the call, he was very supportive due to which she now onwards can count on smartfares for her future travels.

  • Mr. Jacory Carter.
    Oct 05,2017

    Earlier he wasn't decisive with his travel plan but agent followed up with him and made him to confirm, he wanted Ariana should be recognized for her knowledge, patience and personalized customer service.

  • Marta Feixa
    Oct 05,2017

    Dear Mr. Adam:

    I thank you very much for the attention you have given us to facilitate the change of flight and all the procedures. You have been very efficient. Thank you very much Marta Feixa

  • Maria and Kevin
    Oct 03,2017

    Sirs, Madam, Travelers Help Desk:

    We'd like to HONESTLY thank you for hiring one of the few BEST Flight Agent we have ever met on the phone to help is with our yearly travels. Her name is ULA. She knows very well her job. She knows how to sell your product such as Travel Insurance, and Flight Reservation. She answered the phone RIGHT-away, introduce herself to us, and ask us "How may I help you." The perfect and correct way of doing it. She did. Businesses around the WORLD would be so happy to have her. Honestly, she is a good ASSET to Businesses. She is the kind of travel agent that customers around the World WOULD WANT her to be the one to help us. And another great thing as well is that she repeated every numbers and letters on the card we gave her marking sure the information we're given her is correct. I'm glad she did, because I was "off/wrong" by one number. Because of her Work Knowledge she corrected the error right at that moment. THANK YOU for providing us with GREAT service AND GREAT price. And, thanks for your employee, our flight agent... Ms. Ula.


    She ought to be a Flight Stewardess. She'd make a great one.

  • Ken and Sharon Natelborg
    Oct 03,2017

    Hello Sarah, and first off may we say that you have been incredibly helpful to us and we are so very grateful. We are in our seventies and haven't flown at all for over thirty years and that just locally, so this present venture held much uncertainty and a measure of anxiety for us, and you so alleviated those fears. Our sincere thanks...

    Having called our travel/tour guides who will assist us once we set feet in the proper airport, we feel ready to commit to the flights as you have so ably outlined for us. The timing all sounds workable, and we appreciate your careful scrutiny to determine the most sensible flight plans for us. Therefore no change seems necessary, and we have copied the emailed itinerary you had sent. We assume something will be mailed us through USPS at some point.

    Please accept our most sincere appreciation for a job you do so well. We know it's your calling to serve in this way, but you truly went above and beyond our expectations!

  • Ken and Sharon Natelborg
    Oct 03,2017

    Hello Sarah!

    Our trip now having been completed, we want to again thank you for so greatly assisting us and alleviating our early fears. The competence with which you procured our flights, producing for us a workable travel plan was nothing short of amazing to us. We'd felt we didn't know how to start a search, and you removed the anxiety and provided a schedule that fit our need. We remain grateful indeed.

    We are wondering, however, if you can direct us in how to proceed with the difficulties which we did encounter. On Wed., the 20th of Sept. our flight getting into Atlanta was on time, but upon arrival (at 10:00 PM) we noted that our departing flight from Atlanta to Paris was to be two hours late, actually it became three hours late. We were told before our departure not to worry, that prior to our arrival in Paris there would be a plan formulated for our getting to Berlin. When we stepped into the Paris airport, however, it was not so. We were ushered to a quiet room without seating, and while standing we observed three French gentlemen pondering over what was, for them, an obvious dilemma. After much time they returned to us shaking their heads, saying,"There are no flights to Berlin."Of course we --and five young folks beside us who also were bound for Berlin---questioned this."No flights,"they kept repeating,"maybe after Saturday,"This was now Thursday, late afternoon. We'd been due to arrive at the Berlin airport at 4:40 PM."There is a festival,"they announced, which, from the young folks we surmised to be a marathon, for it was that running event which was bringing them to Berlin."All flights to Berlin are filled,"they announced then."Nothing we can do."Finally, in desperation to be rid of us it appeared, they said we could take a flight to Hanover, Germany, and maybe there would be a train we could catch from there, but of the train schedule they had no awareness. We were told there was a 6:30 PM flight and a 9:00 PM flight to Hanover, but that the 6:30 one was full. Sometime around midnight we arrived at a nearly deserted airport in Hanover. All trains had ceased operation for the night, and as to where the connection to the train was located, there seemed no one to ask. In addition to now experiencing our second night without sleep, we were concerned that we'd be missing our first full day of the activities of our tour---as well as having missed the events of the previous evening. Three young folks from Columbia were in a predicament not to different from our own, and they approached us asking if we'd like to accompany them, helping to pay for a rental car. No other options having presented themselves, we gladly agreed. Five of us, then, headed at great speed down the Autobahn highway, rapidly, but thankfully, safely, and at 3:30 AM we were deposited"in one piece"to the front door of our scheduled hotel in Berlin, exceedingly relieved to at last be part of our travel group. After two hasty hours of sleep we presented ourselves for the activities of the day, and the remainder of our tour was a joy, a blessing, a learning experience, a delight in every way!

    On our return flight from Atlanta to Denver on Thursday, Sept. 28 my husband and I were seated in different sections of the plane, he in section 2, row 26, and I in section three, row 39, both in D seats. My seat was in the very last row, no window, a dark and noisy seat. Thankfully it was a shorter flight, but I would have appreciated sitting by my husband.

    We didn't know if we should go directly to Delta, or if you could assist us. We missed our first banquet and lecture and most of our night's sleep of Thursday, Sept. 21, as well as paying $100.00 toward the rental car and gas. We paid the young couple directly, they paying by credit card. I'm sure they will be turning in their credit card bill of which we'd paid the above mentioned portion. We asked them for a copy of the receipt, but have not yet received that. After purchasing our ticket through you we were contacted about airline insurance which we then purchased, but have not much verification of that. Would you advise us please.

    All the above in no way diminishes what we know you so graciously did for us. And our tour couldn't have been more enjoyable once we could participate. But if there could be some financial remuneration we would very much appreciate it.

    Thank you, Sarah, and blessings to you again for your very gracious assistance.

  • Gabrielle Thompson
    Oct 01,2017

    Dear travelers desk:

    I want to commend Sherlock for wonderful service. My daughter is having major health issues and I needed to be in DC no later than early tomorrow am. I was looking online for the fastest way from AVL to DCA and arrive by morning. I found one, but lost it while trying to call my daughter and make sure the arrival was in time for the hospital. I got a message through FB messenger, and Sherlock helped me find and book the flight. I was very flustered, and she was very patient. I didn't know how we hooked up, and she explained it was through the websites I was checking.

    It is a wonderful service, and so much easier than struggling through the internet searches for a woman of my age! I really appreciate Sherlock and will use her in the future!

  • Herminian
    Oct 01,2017

    Manny did very good service he is very pleseant and patient over phone providing me ticket with my family and friend and I am recommending him to my friends.

    Please convey my thanks.

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