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Traveler HelpDesk Customer Feedback and Survey

Here at Traveler HelpDesk, we take pride in our commitment to providing exceptional customer service. As a result, our clients provide us with compliments every day. Below is a list of some of the client compliments we've received recently.

  • Linda Dempsey
    January 31,2019

    Hi Ashley 'll QI. Just wanted to express how wonderfulit was for "Me'', as a (costumer) , to be treated with such dignity, and respect and encounter ng someone who cared enough to hang in there with me, through the proces. right to the end .to You (completely) eased my fears.Your company (would) be proud.As for my booking, i\ Which by the way."you" made possible, to . and You did "Great". Ijust wanted to share with you , how Very excited I. Am about spending almost a month. In the mountains of Guatemala . Ihave been "Blessed" to have Saied with my Friends for the past 8 years. They have a 42 foot sailboat in Guatemala and we sailto Belize.This time I will be in the mountains for those 21days.It seems obvious to me that ,in my life, at this time, I'm feeling the need to climb a mountain.@ LOL I Do Love adventures. Last but notleast , it was Such a "pleasure" to encounter another Human Being that still has the ability to (laugh) at the "antics" of the world. RE Trump and the wall.@lol. Thanks for sharing in my humour to . Ihave worked in call centres, as well Ashley, so Ifeel(qualified) to say that on a scale of 1to 10 for professionalism ,car ng ,and humour ,"You" my friend are a "1O.". Please pass this text along to the powers that "be" . Your Supervisor . Ashley ,We may never cross paths again in this lfetime but you deserve recognition for a Gob) Well done. Allthe best you You My Friend.

  • Lisa Lighter
    January 28,2019

    Dear Floyd,

    My mom Helene and just want to thank you tor taking the time to help us start our jounney to visit my daughter in Bancelona in March. This process that was camplicated to us on our own became a breeze with your patience, help and kindness. Thank you again for taking the time to help us and not only getting us a terrific deal but explaining the process to us and being courteous to us.

    Have a great evening

  • Maureen
    January 24,2019

    Employees like Grace are hard to find who have patience and politeness at the same time.

  • Janet
    January 14,2019

    Jennifer was very helpful

  • Anna Galioto
    January 13,2019

    I wanted to thank you again for your excellent service! As I said, we travel internationally almost every year and working with you has been by far the best service I've had in a VERY long time. Rest assured that we will be calling you for future travel plans.

  • Prakash
    January 12,2019

    Good work by Shayne keep it up.Finally I was able to make my reservation after speaking to all 6 agents with the help of their supervisor. Thank you once again.

  • Ladie Osmani
    January 11,2019


    My name is Ladie,
    Normally I do not take my time to give any reviews for services I receive in everyday activities, however the stunning and exceptionally professional service i got from Bailey deserves to be mentioned. Therefore, I asked her to provide me with a link where I could write few lines about the service i received during the process of booking our tickets.

    I wanted to point out that Bailey handled everything with the highest level of professionalism, patience and dedication and provided the best quality service you can ever wish to receive. She is an excellent listener, very astute in details, courteous, patient, and above all extremely knowledgeable. Your company should take pride of representatives like Bailey.
    Ladie Osmani

  • Kate Morrison
    January 11,2019

    Emma M was extermely helpful in figuring out why I was ubale to respond to my flight booking acknowledgment. A very nice telephonic voice and presence. Thank you Emma.

  • Ana
    January 11,2019

    Jasmine was very helpful, knowledgeable and was very courteous.

  • Stanley
    January 10,2019

    Thank you . I am very happy with Elgyn.

  • Dr. L. Anderson
    January 07,2019

    I would like to commend your agent who I know as Billy M.

    He SAVED us in a very stressful and long process of recovering a return trip itinerary that had been canceled due to error on the part of an airline employee in Johannesburg, SA.

    The story: When I went on line to check my aunt's return trip a week before her departure, I found things amiss. I called Traveler Help Desk to find out what was going on and Billy answered the call. Much to my dismay, we discovered that the return flights had been canceled. Billy took charge of the situation and determined what needed to be done to remedy the situation. He instructed me on what I needed to do in order for him to have permission to work directly with the airlines on my behalf, and stayed on task for a WEEK... calling and emailing me every day to keep me appraised of the situation. He managed to resolve the crisis with the original literary reinstated, and with no additional charges to us. I am fantastically grateful to Billy for his skill and his conscientious help. He was patient, sympathetic, and persistent. He took what could have been a horrible situation and turned it into one in which I felt reassured and confident in the outcome.

    You are fortunate to have Billy on your staff, and I am grateful to have had him on our account. I have, and will continue, to recommend your company to others on the basis of this experience. It was far and away the most excellent service I have ever encountered in an online travel transaction.

  • Mark
    January 05,2019

    Thank you Emma for all of your help. You were very professional and informative. And I appreciate your patience with me. I'm not very good with all of this flight information . You were a great help to me , thank you again ,

  • Jonathan
    January 02,2019


  • Laura
    January 01,2019

    Grace is very professional and helpful, she was very patient & professional throughout the call

  • Aimee Dapilmoto
    February 28,2019

    Good evening,

    I wanted to send a note to tell you what an amazing employee Ula is. My great grandmother who was 96 passed away and I had to scramble to book flights for 4 people with busy schedules and felt like I was in a logistical nightmare. She was so patient and understanding. She never once got irritated by my changing requests to make it all come together. She made follow up emails and phone calls to me until I could get it all worked out. She is exemplary and I want to make sure someone knows. In a world where everyone just wants to complain about poor service, I want to make sure sure you hear about the great service too! Thanks Ula, you saved me.

  • Caridad
    February 25,2019

    Kennedy was very helpful and listened to every detail I gave him.

  • Morris McDonald
    February 25,2019

    Greeting and Salutations, this very brief missive is to convey my gratitude and much appreciation for the patient and kind display of customer service and earnest attention that the reservation specialist, Mr. Finlay gave to my reservation and booking.

    He was not rebuffed or dismissive of my issues and complication to keep me and my traveling parting together. He exercised keen thought and creativity as he determined to satisfy my request and the predicament.

    His character, diligence, and temperament warrants a commendation and recognition from me the recipient, and notification of his supervisor and company. His outstanding customer service bears great credit to himself and the employing company and staff he works for.

  • Lorena Vizcarra
    February 22,2019

    Thank you very much for your service, you have really helped me a lot! Super Attentive, patient, good handling of the Spanish language, empathic and above all a lot of quality of service.

    I will write to you as soon as I need a purchase again, I assure you!
    Millions of thanks!

  • Elvis
    February 13,2019

    Superb Services by Ignacio

  • Roxana Lopez Payan
    February 13,2019

    Mr. Elias.

    I am deeply grateful for your attention and passion. In the next reservations I will not hesitate to contact you. And of course, recommend your services.

    Greetings and thanks from culiacan sinaloa, mexico.

  • James
    February 12,2019

    Kennedy was a good guy , polite and very attentive

  • Reol Ricardo
    February 12,2019

    I have been treated with 5 stars with this young lady Salome , she is someone very professional if I were in my country I would take it away for me to hire in my business

  • Stevan
    February 10,2019

    Claire was very Patient and Professional.

  • Pearly
    February 07,2019

    Outstanding service provided by Rico. He has so much patience. He answered so many questions. He is outstanding and should be rewarded.

  • Summer Singh
    February 06,2019

    Thank you for your help. You made our travel arrangements, comfortable. We hope to ask you again.

  • Kitking
    February 01,2019

    Anne was amazing and did a fantastic job

  • Alexis
    March 31,2019

    Melosa is sweet and helped me finiding a flight and helped in such a crises situation.

  • Margot
    March 26,2019

    Jane was very patient. She is excellent & helpful. It was very difficult for me to book online but she helped me to get my booking sorted. She is a great asset of the company and would request you to give her a raise.

  • Vanaessa Chambers
    March 26,2019

    Dear Mr Raizel

    Thank You So Much for your excellent service.
    On a scale of 1 - 10 and 10 being the highest you are the tops with a (10). You are so patient and helpful even though you knew I was very upset and had difficulty with my son on the conference call, you maintained your professionalism and made my request fulling. I hope your recognized as 1 of the best because I think you are.

    Thanks again sooooo much.
    Blessing to you and yours forever.

  • Agenes Limacher
    March 15,2019

    Grace is an excellent person and very patient. I will recommend your services to anybody that needs a help regarding flights. Thank you for the great customer service that you provided. They are fortunate to have you working there and representing them with the public.

  • Mr. Buchanan
    March 12,2019

    A big Thank you! Levi was excellent , knowledgeable and great!

  • Steiner
    March 11,2019

    Muy sinceramente quiero agradecer el excelente servicio que Elias me presto cuando llame para comprar un tiquete de vuelo a Colombia Sur America. Elias es una persona con mucho conocimiento y muy profesional en lo que hace. La próxima vez que tenga que comprar un pasaje de avión me comunicaré con él sin pensarlo dos veces. De nuevo, gracias

  • Richard
    March 07,2019

    Jane was very patient. She is excellent. I am a very grousy person but she helped me to get my booking sorted. She is a great asset and would request you to buy her a pizza

  • Marcia Fox
    March 05,2019

    Simply one of the best airlines representatives. I have ever sought help from regarding the booking. My flight arrangements were bit complicated, and Zen was so helpful and efficient and personable.

  • Michelle
    March 03,2019

    Dylan was excellent. A big thumbs up. He was very professional and patient. He was really great. I would definitely make my future booking with him

  • Deborah
    May 29,2019

    I want to compliment your employee Shiney , for helping me to book a flight .She was very very helpful, and it was a pleasure doing business with you, She deserves a gold star

  • David Le Gallant
    May 28,2019

    Banny, Am writing to thank you for your excellent service especially answering my every question when I asked them, never interrupting or rushing me in the process. I felt respected. I felt we had a great time spelling the letters of my lengthy name. Mutually quite humorous, Actually, it was your kindness and respect which prompted me to book a second flight with you, a thing I hadn't planned prior. Very helpful was your reviewing with me the details on my e-ticket to make sure we were on the same wave length. Continue your good work. You're very precious and inescapable as a traveller help desk. I cannot recall ever of such genuine service at airline bookings.

  • Shanon Presto
    May 13,2019

    I just wanted to pass along my appreciation of your assistant Oggy at the on-line help desk with my booking. I received a call today that my grandmother is very ill in the ICU in Ireland. Both of my parents live here to help me and my family in Indianapolis IN (USA) but desperately wanted to be by her side when she passes. Originally I called and spoke to a Samantha who couldn't get off the phone with me fast enough, uninterested in assisting me. In fact, she instructed me to just close my computer and try again later today to book tickets... Oggy popped up on my screen and was patient and helpful and eventually was able to find a flight that met my parents needs. Thank you for having assistants like him who really care to make Great Customer Service! Much Appreciated, Shannon Presto

  • Olivia
    May 12,2019

    Agent Kyle is very patient. He has helped me with the booking and explained everything very thoroughly. He is a valuable asset to your organization and should be recognized for his efforts.

  • Sarah
    May 11,2019

    When I originally booked my flight for myself and five young children the departure and destination cities had been swapped. Both the booking agent and I failed to notice the error. When I noticed the error two months later I called and spoke to Rohan. He was very courteous and helpful. He called Delta ( the airline my ticket had been booked with) and advocated for a change of ticket. Without Rohan I would have lost nearly $700 on five unusdable tickets. With Rohan''s advocay I was about to rebook my flight for a fee and will still be able to travel to the Christening of my baby neice. Thank you Rohan!

  • Francy
    June 21,2019

    Tobi has been very helpful. Things got much better after working with him

  • Michele Brenning
    June 17,2019

    Good morning,

    I would like to take a minute and commend one of your employees, Nicholas Marsh.... especially after I was transferred to Carolyn, his supervisor, in which matters were made much much worse. (carolyn@lbftravel.com)

    Nicholas did everything he could to rectify the situation... he was very kind and patient, and made sure to follow up when he said he would.

    He took the time to listen to my questions and concerns, and worked with me as the customer.

    I could not be more impressed by Nicholas and his skills as a customer service Representative.

    If I use smart fares again, which after dealing with, and being hung up on by Carolyn, is truly doubtful, I will go directly through Nicholas.....

    Nicholas is truly a kind person, and you can tell he cares about the customer , and enjoys what he does.

    Thank you for your time .... and please give Nicholas the necessary praise for his exemplary actions and service!

    Thank you.

  • Terry
    June 06,2019

    Jasmine was very helpful and patience

  • Nick
    June 02,2019

    Chase was fantastic and helpful

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